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Stamina fungicide seed treatment registered

The recent registration by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of a new BASF seed treatment, to be marketed for corn seed under the name Stamina fungicide, helps growers get plants off to the right start.

“Stamina fungicide seed treatment helps control key seed and seedling diseases and improve stress tolerance,” said Craig Lindholm, marketing manager, seed treatments at BASF U.S. Crop Protection Products. “This delivers healthy plants right out of the ground as corn seedlings have a stronger start, resulting in increased yield potential.”

Field trials conducted throughout the U.S. during the 2006 and 2007 seasons confirm stand and yield improvements with Stamina. Seed and seedlings are better protected by Stamina from key diseases, such as Rhizoctonia. This is particularly important as earlier planting and increased use of no-till production systems may lead to slower emergence of seedlings due to cool, wet soils.

During four years of greenhouse and growth chamber studies by BASF, the active ingredient in Stamina showed quicker germination and more rapid emergence compared to untreated checks under saturated cold conditions.

The Stamina formulation is built on pyraclostrobin, derived from the same active ingredient as used in Headline fungicide.

“We're taking our expertise from our experience with Headline and applying that understanding and research to seed treatments. We see it as a natural evolution from the beginning to the end of a plant's life cycle,” said Lindholm. “After all, it all starts with the seed. Strong yields come from strong, vigorous seedlings that are protected from disease and stress threats.”

The registration of Stamina also broadens the BASF crop protection portfolio of products for corn. “The BASF portfolio of corn products offers true value in helping growers get the most out of every acre from seed through harvest — starting with Stamina to protect the seed and get the seedlings off to a strong start, followed by excellent investment protection with Outlook, Guardsman Max and Status herbicides, and then maximizing that investment with Headline fungicide for disease control and Plant Health,” said Neil Bentley, corn market manager at BASF.

In addition to registration in corn, Stamina was also approved by the EPA for other crop uses, including wheat, barley, brassica vegetables, bulb vegetables, cucurbits, legumes, rye, soybeans, sugar beets and sunflowers.

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