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Team FIN Report: Weedy Ohio crops lag behind

Team FIN Report: Weedy Ohio crops lag behind

  Team FIN member Daryl Bridenbaugh, Pandora, OH, provides this report on crop progress, herbicide application, nitrogen application, and his John Deere 4020


After the wet spring, we had a very dry June. We only had 1.5 in. of rain the whole month.  Fortunately, we had 2 in. of rain on July 11. We have a lot of corn in northwest Ohio that is only knee high. It is going to need plenty of rain to amount to anything. The wind that came with the rain pushed a lot of corn sideways. Fortunately, the majority of it straightened up. 

Because of the wet spring, none of my cornfields received preemergence herbicide, and some of my fields were really getting weedy. I was surprised when my custom applicator started spraying one night after dark. It had been windy and he waited until the wind settled down. He was using a late model John Deere sprayer with HID lighting and field mapping with automatic boom shutoff.  This was a first for our farm. We have never sprayed postemerge after dark. It is one example of how new technology is actually working.

To put nitrogen on my fields I used a Clark/Clymer applicator. It was built in a factory in Pandora, only two miles away from my home. When the plant owners sold the factory before retiring, the new owners discontinued making farm equipment. Now the factory makes storage racks, and the primary customers are Walmart warehouses. I guess it is a sign of the times. 

For fun I cleaned up one of my three 4020 tractors and took it to a tractor show at my county fair. They put a microphone in front of all the participants, and each person had a chance to tell about his tractor. Among other things I said that I think this tractor could possibly be going to shows 100 years from now. All it needs is someone to keep it inside and give it some exercise once in a while. 

The next day I ended up in a hospital emergency room with severe hip pains. The doctor said it was from jumping on and off tractors too much. I need to put ladders on my 4020s. Both Deere and aftermarket people make them. I figure in an average day I jump on and off 30 times. It is getting more difficult because I put taller tires on the tractors to raise the drawbars to make them more compatible to modern equipment. I use the tractors to do all of my hay and straw baling. I like them so well that I have no intention of ever trading them off. 


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