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2 products to spray more effectively

COARSE DROPLET TIP: Squeeze the bell curve of droplet sizes and put out more coarse droplets with this nozzle.
Here are two not new but neat ideas that could improve your spraying program.

Help your sprayer work more effectively and deliver exactly the spray pattern and droplet size you want with these products from Wilger. They could help you achieve your goal of getting the right-size droplets where you need them — and help your sprayer work more efficiently.

Wilger features the UR110-08 spray tip for applications where you need coarse droplet size, spokespeople say. It can deliver 0.8 gallon per minute at 40 psi in a 110-degree spray pattern. The big plus for the nozzle is how it impacts droplet size.

The company says that in a normal spraying situation, if you chart the number of coarse, small or fine, and larger droplets with a nozzle intended to deliver a coarse spray pattern, you will wind up with a bell-shaped curve. There will be more coarse droplets than anything else, fitting under the bell of the curve. On one side of the curve are finer droplets, and on the other side are even coarser droplets.

What this particular nozzle does is help squeeze that bell curve together so more particles fall under the coarse part of the curve. There are fewer droplets that aren’t coarse, spokespeople say.

Another innovation
When it comes to getting more flow through the sprayer, Wilger goes at it by using thin-walled pipe compared to most other brands. If guidelines call for one-half-inch pipe, you get one-half inch outside diameter if you install Wilger one-half-inch tubing for sprayers.

Yet inside where the spray liquid flows, the particles see something that is larger than the normal inside diameter of half-inch-diameter tubing. There is more space to flow, and liquids tend to move faster through the thinner-walled pipe.

MORE FLOW: The outside diameter of this tubing meets normal specs, but it’s thinner so the inside diameter is larger. That increases flow.

Strength and durability aren’t concerns, spokespeople say. The half-inch pipe accommodates all standard sprayer bodies designed for half-inch pipe.

Thin-walled tubing is also available in 1-inch diameter. The goal is simply more space for spray liquid to flow inside, spokespeople conclude. Call Wilger in Lexington, Tenn., at 877-968-7695, or visit

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