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Corn+Soybean Digest

Spotlight On Planting Systems

All-Tillage ASM Planters

Two 1200 Series Advanced Seed Meter (ASM) planters from Case IH, Racine, WI, feature 12- or 16-row pivot transport toolbars.

The ASM system offers higher rpms and consistently and accurately places any size seed corn — even mixed grades. The narrow disc angle of its offset double-disk openers also gives minimal soil disturbance with less compaction.

The units use Early Riser row units, designed for all tillage methods.
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Seed Transfer System

A pressurized seed transfer system from Gandy, Owatonna, MN, delivers seed from bulk tank to individual hoppers for up to 36 rows.

The system significantly reduces fill time and provides seed to each hopper on an as-needed basis. The system hoppers, available in 64, 80, 96 or 120 bu, can be filled by bulk bag and will individually feed 8-36 rows.

The system is offered in both tow-behind and implement-mounted models.
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Air Seeder

The 4850 air planter from Hiniker, Mankato, MN, seeds soybeans in a wide variety of tillage and residue conditions. It's available in 30' and 40' widths.

The unit uses a 130-bu central seed tank to feed 24, 32 or 36 single-disc seed openers. Its angled rotary disc closer captures soil from the opener and gently fills the trench.

Seed is individually metered to each row by a bank of volumetric seed meters.
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No-Till System

The 4400 Quadra-Disk Planter from Landoll, Marysville, KS, plants accurately regardless of field conditions.

Two 16" staggered-offset opening disks are followed by a pair of 18" closing disks that overlap the openers, catch the soil and slice off additional warm soil to cover seed.

The walking beam gauge wheels follow field contours closely for planting depth accuracy. A soil-cap firming wheel lightly caps soil over the seed trench, holding moisture and warmth.

The unit also features a 3.3-bu hopper and no-till coulters. Sizes range from 4-row to 12-row narrow.
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Precision Seeding System

The 30' folding precision seeding system from Great Plains, Salina, KS, can change from planting 7½" rows to 15" or 30" rows by shutting off desired row units. It also plants twin-row crops by turning two rows off and two rows on, etc.

The system plants at high speeds and features the SingulatorPlus meter, which singulates soybean, corn and cotton row crops.
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Narrow Transport Planter

With a transport width of 12', the John Deere 1760 NT planter allows increased clearance through bridges, gates and roads.

The planter is available in 6- and 8-row 30" configurations with a quick-fold design. The 6-row unit is a manual fold, while the 8-row unit is available in either manual or hydraulic fold frames. Both configurations utilize MaxEmerge Plus technology.
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Twin-Row Planter

Staggered row units on the twin-row planter from Monosem, Lenexa, KS, allow for more growing room and better canopy than standard rows. Row spacing can be set as close as 9".

The unit also features end-mounted transmission, 60-liter hoppers and mounted double toolbar. Its patented vacuum metering system gives accurate seed singulation.
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Redesigned Planters

The 8000 series planters from White have redesigned features, improving seeding consistency even at higher speeds and rougher conditions.

Meter improvements include a release tangent that's more accurate over a wide range of speeds and seed sizes. An open-frame design provides easy access to seed discs.

The seed-trench opening system and gauge-wheel assembly have been beefed up to withstand faster speeds and no-till conditions, and angled closing wheels easily adjust from side-to-side.
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Twin Line Planter

The 3650 Twin Line planter from Kinze, Willamsburg, IA, comes equipped with twin bulk seed hoppers, giving higher seed capacity and faster loading time. Hoppers are easy to access and maintain, and both pivot with the planter's three-section frame as it flexes.

The wheel module design centers the wheel track outside the end row unit, eliminating extra wheel tracks. Row units are designed with disc opener blades that are 20% heavier, as well as a totally redesigned lower end with heavy-duty row unit shanks.

The planter can be outfitted with row units and attachments for all tillage applications.
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Air Delivery System

The Aero Planter system uses air delivery and high-capacity tanks to plant corn and zone-place fertilizer in a fraction of the time it takes conventional units, according to its manufacturer, Morris Ind., Saskatoon, Canada.

Centralized tanks relieve weight from the toolbar, leaving consistent pressure on the openers for more accurate planting. Five times the capacity of conventional planters, the unit covers a larger area between refills.
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Multiple Hopper Air System

In one pass, the ADX air system from Case IH can meter and deliver seed and fertilizer combinations through multiple hoppers.

Its Down Draft Metering concept offers an agitator bar that prevents material buildup and ensures even flow. It also allows for air and product to be mixed in a parallel flow for smooth transition to the distribution system. Capacity ranges from 180 to 360 bu.
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