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Split your planter

New software tool helps farmers compare two hybrids, varieties or other agronomic inputs.

To help farmers in their quest for better localized on-farm trials, Pioneer has teamed up with Agris to offer split-planter comparisons. The systems allow simple evaluation of crop performance with yield maps or the comparison of any two agronomic treatments applied in parallel strips.

Download this. Get a taste of the technology by downloading a free browser on the Agris Web site at

Todd Peterson, manager of emerging technologies for Pioneer Hi-Bred International, says with this free software, users can create and print a difference map from a split-planter study using the company's Split-Planter Comparison Method. The method was developed to allow growers to compare two different products or techniques that are planted or applied in parallel, alternating strips compatible in width to a combine header.

See the difference. Using Pioneer's method, you can compare two different hybrids, varieties, tillage practices, herbicides, seeding rates, seed treatments, and standard vs. newer hybrids or varieties. A combine outfitted with a yield monitor and DGPS receiver collects the data for analysis.

Then using the Split-Planter Comparison Tool from Agris, you can evaluate the results and read data directly from yield monitor cards, generate a dot map to show the differences in the treatments, or generate a raster map to show trends across a field. To compare the difference maps to other layers of information, such as soil type, topography, nutrient levels, aerial photographs or remote sensing information, you also need Agris's Aglink software. Contact Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Dept. FIN, Box 1150, Johnstown, IA 50131-1150, 800/247- 6803 or circle 210; or Agris Corp., Dept. FIN, 300 Grimes Bridge Rd., Roswell, GA 30075, 800/795-7995.

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