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Corn+Soybean Digest

Soyfood Company Launches Marketing Blitz

A leading national soyfoods producer recently launched its first comprehensive advertising campaign, including television, since the company’s founding in 1979.

Three 30-second TV commercials are part of a comprehensive advertising campaign by Vitasoy USA Inc., - including print advertising, billboards, bus shelter ads and radio ads - to support Vitasoy’s taste positioning and its award-winning line of refrigerated soymilk. The television ads will air on select networks in Boston and on cable stations in Boston, Philadelphia and the New York metropolitan area.

The campaign comes at a time when soymilk is experiencing triple-digit growth, and soy is enjoying "wonder food" status. "With the FDA recently approving new health claims for soy and consumption on the rise, now is an ideal time for us to reinforce the great taste and health benefits of Vitasoy Refrigerated Soymilk," said Jerry Maynard, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Vitasoy. "The new ads show that Vitasoy is for everyone, not just the aging flower child."

In the television spots entitled "Typical Drinker," an individual is pictured at a small table with a carton of Vitasoy Refrigerated Soymilk (in each of the three spots the individual is different - a male construction worker, an athletic woman and a businesswoman). As the commercial continues, the person simply pours the Vitasoy into a glass and drinks it. The voice over points out that the consumer is not a granola-muncher, tree hugger or 60s love child, and that she doesn’t sit at home burning incense while listening to spiritual poems about butterflies. The individual is simply one of the thousands of people who enjoy the award-winning taste of Vitasoy soymilk. The commercials end by labeling one consumer smart and encouraging consumers to try Vitasoy.

Ten and 20-second radio ads will air on National Public Radio in New York and Boston. Billboards will appear in the Boston metropolitan area, and bus shelter ads will run in San Francisco and Philadelphia. Half-page, freestanding inserts will run in newspapers in Boston, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and the Philadelphia area in late May. All ads promote taste: "Our award winning taste says it all."

In 1998, Vitasoy opened a new state-of-the-art plant under its Nasoya Foods name in Ayer, Mass., to keep up with consumer demand for soyfoods. It allowed Vitasoy to produce its soymilk in the U.S. for the first time (having been previously imported from Vitasoy’s Hong Kong-based parent company). The Nasoya Foods plant - the largest of its kind in the country - has the capacity to produce 25 million pounds of tofu and more than five million gallons of soymilk annually.

Founded in 1979, Vitasoy USA Inc. is a leading producer and marketer of soy beverages, tofu, Asian pastas, teas and juices, with annual sales totaling $64 million in 2000. The company markets its products under several brand names, including Vitasoy®, Azumaya®, Nasoya®, and Vita®. The company is based in South San Francisco.

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