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Soybean rust, fungicide update

The following information on soybean rust and fungicides was released by Tom Allen on April 7. Allen, a plant pathologist, is an assistant Extension/research professor at the Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville, Miss.

“I wanted to take a couple of minutes to send a quick update. All 22 (soybean rust) sentinel plots have been established throughout Mississippi. We have been able to look at most of the plots, and the seed has germinated, stands have emerged and range from 70 to 100 percent full stand.

“Some of the plots in the southern counties are reaching V-1 and may be a bit further along by the end of this week. Temperatures in Cleveland and Stoneville did not harm the sentinel plots in those locations and kudzu appears to be untouched even though we dipped to around 35 degrees (on April 6).

“We are continuing to monitor the situation in adjacent states. Rust is still present in some kudzu patches in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana. We should know in the next few days, or at the beginning of next week at the latest, if the rust that is infecting kudzu in Louisiana has survived (the latest) cold snap.

“Additionally, I have attached the most updated list of available fungicides (to view the list, see: soybean rust fungicides for use on soybeans to control soybean rust. There have been a few changes between the list that was available last year and the list of product this season.

“First and foremost, Punch will no longer be available following the 2009 season. DuPont decided to withdraw this product from the market. If there is any Punch available it can be used in 2009 since there is still a Section 18 in place.

“Additionally, please note that Caramba is no longer available for use at this time against soybean rust. With those changes in mind, there have also been a few other minor changes that I’d like to point out: Alto and Quadris Extra have both received a full Section 3 label and Headline SBR has been discontinued.”

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