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Mississippi research/field conditions

A new Mississippi Crop Situation newsletter has been released by the Mississippi State University Extension Service.

Among other topics, it includes updates (along with many charts and photos) on:

Soybean insects

“Every year I get questions about levels of defoliation in soybeans and impact on yield, particularly in late July and early August as loopers begin to show up and bean leaf beetle numbers start increasing,” writes Angus Catchot, entomology specialist.

“I wanted to share some data that Lucas Owen (PhD Student) has been working on with respect to yield loss due to simulated insect defoliation in group IV soybeans. We approached defoliation from a couple different angles trying to mimic insect damage and current thresholds.”

Foliar fungicides in soybeans

“We have soybean in south Mississippi that is quickly approaching or in the early R5 growth stages soybean just being planted in a few places across the state,” writes Trey Koger, soybean specialist, and Tom Allen, plant pathology expert for the Delta region.

“Many of our soybean acres in the southern portion of the state are well past the R3/R4 growth stage when we would normally apply a foliar fungicide for yield enhancement. Some of these acres did not receive a fungicide when they were in the R3/R4 growth stage simply due to expected weather pattern at the time.”

A market brief by John Michael Riley, Extension economist

Weather/forecast update

“As the tropics become active, there are two features to be aware of,” writes Nancy Lopez, a USDA physical scientist specializing in weather research at MSU’s Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville, Miss. “One is, even storms that directly hit land far away from the Gulf states, such as Alex, can still cause effects regionally.”

To access the full newsletter, see Mississippi Crop Situation.

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