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July 23 Crop Progress: Corn, Soybean Development Ahead of Normal, Conditions Continue Decline

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July 23 Crop Progress: Corn, Soybean Development Ahead of Normal, Conditions Continue Decline


The corn crop is reaching dent stage in 10 states and is at dough stage in all but one of the major corn-producing states. The soybean crop continues ahead-of-average blooming, and over one-third of the overall crop is setting pods. As both crops continue ahead-of-normal development, conditions continue to slip.

Corn development marches on with the majority of the crop silking. Eighty-six percent of the crop has silks, well ahead of the 59% five-year average. Almost one-quarter of the crop has reached dough stage, with all states seeing corn at that stage except Michigan. This is also well ahead of the average schedule at 22% versus 9%. Denting has begun in several states. The Texas crop is furthest along with 65% of its corn at dent stage. Overall, 6% of the 2012 corn crop is denting.

Conditions declined again in the last week. The overall corn crop lost 5 points and is now at just over one-quarter good/excellent condition. The very poor/poor rating gained 7 points; certainly not a desirable addition. Missouri corn is in the worst condition at 79% very poor/poor. Minnesota corn is still holding its spot as the top corn being produced with 61% of its corn crop in good/excellent condition.

Soybeans are making development progress in all soybean-producing states. Over three-fourths of the crop is blooming overall, ahead of the 60% five-year average. Over one-third of the crop is setting pods. Beans in North Dakota took off over the last week with 62% of the crop there setting pods versus 18% last week. Michigan beans went from no pod set last week to 23% of its crop setting pods this week.

Soybeans declined in condition over the last week. The overall crop is now rated 31% good/excellent, and 35% very poor/poor. Mississippi continues to have the best beans with 71% of its crop in good/excellent condition. Louisiana's soybean crop is 64% good/excellent, and is the only state that has no beans in very poor condition. Missouri's soybeans continue to take a hit from the drought – the crop is rated 68% very poor/poor. 

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