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Farming the Arkansas Delta - Photos by Brittney Turner

Spend much time on social media and you’ll quickly become aware of some of the Mid-South’s talented photographers – amateur and professional.

Many of them are turning their cameras toward the farms of our region. With their gifts they “see” what most of us only “look at” every day. Their use of color, light and perspective turn the ordinary to art.

Recently I became aware of the work of one of those gifted photographers – Arkansan Brittney Turner (Brittney Turner Photography), who grew up in Newport, Ark., and today divides her time between Little Rock, Ark., and Savannah, Ga.

Turner has been a professional photographer for seven years. She specializes in agricultural photography, helping agribusinesses display their strengths and tell their stories through stimulating photography.

Over an 18-month period, Turner photographed farmers and others in the agriculture industry in the Arkansas Delta, “capturing the day-to-day operations of modern farming.” That project has resulted in Farming the Arkansas Delta, a 60-plus page coffee table book containing over 100 bright, vibrant photos of her region’s rich fields. She shares some of those photos with us in this gallery.

Take some time and check out her photos here and more at Brittney Turner Photography. To get a full appreciation of each photo in this gallery, use the enlarge option at the bottom right of each photograph.

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of the book, go to Farming the Arkansas Delta.

And let us (in the comment section below) and Brittney ([email protected]) know what you think of her work.

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