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Changes made to soybean yield contest

TAGS: Cover Crops
Mindy Ward Soybean plant planted in cover crop
INTO STUBBLE: Farmers can enter soybeans planted into cover crops for this year’s state soybean yield contest. The category reflects the change in crop management practices.
The Missouri Soybean Association has added a cover crop category to reflect changes in farming practices.

Missouri soybean growers planting into cover crops will have their own category in the 2021 Soybean Yield Contest through the Missouri Soybean Association.

The association says the additional category reflects the changes in on-farm soybean crop management practices found across the state.

The new cover crop category for district competition requires all soybeans be planted without tillage into a cover crop. There is no restriction on the type of cover crop used or on the termination timing of the cover crop. Irrigation is not allowed for this category.

The cover crop category will be added to the existing district categories of no-tillage (dryland) and tilled (dryland). Each district will have the opportunity to recognize winners in each of the three categories.

Changes in yield recheck

For many years, a recheck has been required at 75 bushels per acre. However, as yields climb, the Missouri Soybean Association is raising that to 90 bushels per acre. The higher recheck requirement is in keeping with the ever-increasing yields. Missouri’s statewide average soybean yield was nearly 50 bushels per acre in 2020.

Weigh wagons may be used for yields up to 90 bushels. Any contest yield more than that must be rechecked. State-certified scales and moisture testers must be used for measuring and weighing processes for rechecking yields. On-farm scales may be used if they are state certified.

The recheck results will be the official contest yield.

Awards for high production

The contest will continue to include district-level competition, recognizing winners in the tilled, no-till and cover crop categories. Top statewide winners will be recognized for dryland and irrigated production. Entries topping 100 bushels per acre will continue to receive special recognition in the 2021 contest.

Prizes will be awarded during the Missouri Soybean Association’s district meetings and annual meeting in early 2022.

Contest rules

Entries must be from fields 10 acres or larger in size and located within Missouri, and all participants must be at least 18 years old. Each entry must be submitted on a separate entry form. All contest entries must use soybean varieties available in the marketplace for Missouri. No experimental or research lines are eligible for Missouri’s soybean yield contest.

Entry forms, rules and prize details are available on, or growers may request copies by calling the Missouri Soybean office at 573-635-3819.

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