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Aug. 13 Crop Progress: Corn Good-Excellent Ratings Hold Steady; Soybean Ratings Gain a Point

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Aug. 13 Crop Progress: Corn Good-Excellent Ratings Hold Steady; Soybean Ratings Gain a Point


As the crops progress into August with 10% of the overall corn crop reaching maturity at this point, the conditions have held steady for a week. The overall corn crop has stayed at 23% good-excellent, and the overall soybean crop actually gained a point in that category, reaching 30%.

More than three-fourths of the corn crop has reached dough stage overall. This is well ahead of the 49% five-year average. Dent stage is also ahead of the average: 42% this week versus 16% five-year average. Corn in Colorado and Wisconsin is the least dented, at 5% and 6%, respectively. However, this is slightly ahead of average for both states. All but half a dozen of the major corn-producing states have seen corn hit maturity. Still waiting for that benchmark are Colorado, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

The corn condition held steady in the good-excellent category, with just under one-quarter of the crop in that condition. One point was gained in the very poor condition rating, bringing the very poor-poor rating to 51% of the overall crop. Eighty-four percent of the Missouri crop is in very poor-poor condition. The best corn is in North Carolina, where 58% of the crop is in good-excellent condition.

The soybean crop is all but 3% bloomed, just slightly ahead of the 92% five-year average. Pod setting is ahead of the five-year average by 13 points at 83%.

Soybean condition actually gained a point in the good-excellent condition, bringing the total to 30%. The overall crop is in 38% very poor-poor condition. The soybeans in Mississippi are rated the best at 85% good-excellent. Missouri beans are in the toughest shape where 75% of the crop is in very poor-poor condition. 

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