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New soybeans from Peterson Farms SeedNew soybeans from Peterson Farms Seed

Northern Seed Extra: New LibertyLink and RR2 Xtend soybean varieties fill Peterson Farms Seed’s 2018 lineup.

October 26, 2017

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Peterson Farms Seed, headquartered at Prosper, N.D., has several new LibertyLink and RR2 Xtend soybean varieties for 2018. They include:


L03-18 LL. 0.3 maturity. Good IDC and phytophthora field tolerance. “With this bean, you’re getting a great mix of IDC tolerance and high-end yield potential with the proven LibertyLink genetic package.” — Jeff Olson, central North Dakota account manager

L11-18N LL. 1.1 maturity. A perfect fit for the southern valley. Good IDC tolerance and SCN.

“This new LibertyLink variety shows good stress tolerance with a strong 2017 performance.” — Rob Wentz, east-central Minnesota account manager

RR2 Xtend

18X008N RR2X. 00.8 maturity. Excellent IDC tolerance for the north’s toughest soil. SCN, brown stem rot and phytophthora don’t stand a chance with this bean. “This is the Xtend version of 11R01 and a great agronomic fit for the northern valley and beyond.” — Kayla Voeller, northeast North Dakota/northwest Minnesota account manager

18X06N RR2X. 0.6 maturity. Excellent emergence. 13R03 and 16R06N IDC level of tolerance. “With a great package of IDC, disease tolerance, and SCN, this bean offers a great new mid-group 0 maturity option.” — Kaelin Kyllo, sales agronomist, Hunter, N.D.

18X07N RR2X. 0.7 maturity. Top IDC score in the RR2X lineup. Great agronomic package allows for flexible placement. Heavily podded plant with high-yield potential. “A variety that showed an excellent IDC tolerance in a tough 2017 growing season.” — Rich Larson, southeast North Dakota account manager

18X08N RR2X. 0.8 maturity. Rps3a and SCN to fit heavy soils. 13R08N-type IDC tolerance and placement. “A tall and bushy bean that is a great fit for your heavy soils.” — Nick Castro, northeast South Dakota account manager

18X11N RR2X. 1.1 maturity. A complete package of SCN, IDC, HRps3a, brown stem rot and yield. The RR2X heir to 14R1N. Will be the go-to bean in the early 1.0 maturity zone. “If you’re looking for a high-yielding variety with all the agronomic traits you need, look no further than 18X11.” — Mike Sorby, west-central Minnesota account manager

18X13N RR2X. 1.3 maturity. The bean’s yield separates itself from the RR2Y pack. Great fit for South Dakota soils. Keep off IDC prone soils. “Our 18X13N production fields in South Dakota looked great all year and performed well to boot.” — Adam Spelhaug, lead agronomist

18X14N RR2X. 1.4 maturity. Newest phytophthora trait available. Good bean when making the switch from RR2Y to RR2X. “With good IDC tolerance and phytophthora package, this Xtend bean will handle any situation.” — Danni Sanders, east-central North Dakota and west-central Minnesota account manager

18X16N RR2X. 1.6 maturity. Excellent top-end yield in the top environments. An excellent choice for those who miss 13R15N. “With impressive standability, this bean is a great fit for your high-yielding environments.” — Adam Spelhaug, lead agronomist

18X23N RR2X. 2.3 maturity. Attractive medium-tall bushy plant. A great bean for the southern half of South Dakota and Minnesota. “This bean has proven to be an excellent fit for Minnesota and South Dakota soils.” — Craig LaVoi, southwest Minnesota account manager

Quality promise
“When we founded this company, our promise to growers was that we would sell no seed that we wouldn’t be happy to plant on our own farm,” says Carl Peterson, president and CEO of Peterson Farms Seed. “That promise remains today. We have an entire team of people here who come to work every single day with one goal in mind — how can I make our customers more successful.”

To learn more about the Peterson Farms Seed corn and soybean lineup or to find a dealer near you, please call 866-481-7333 or visit petersonfarmsseed.com.

Source: Peterson Farms Seed

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