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Dairyland Seed releases 2018 soybean varieties

An overhead view of soybean seedlings in Nicollet County Minn
Press release: Dairyland Seed recently announced the release of five new soybean varieties for the 2018 planting season.

*This is a press release sent and published directly from the manufacturer, seed business or other agribusiness. 

Dairyland Seed recently announced the release of five new soybean varieties for the 2018 planting season.  Each of these varieties can be seen at research tours and field days throughout the Midwest this fall.  The descriptions of the new products follow:


DSR-0418/R2Y    Maturity 0.4

New 0.4 RM with strong SCN protection. Excellent yield potential with solid agronomics. Great early vigor promotes healthy looks throughout the season. Gorgeous, light tawny visuals. Tested as DST04-003/R2Y in 2016 ­ multiple top 10 finishes in NDSU datasets.


DSR-1475/R2Y    Maturity 1.4

New 1.4 with top-shelf white mold protection. Widely tested within dealer networks as DST15-008/R2Y with very strong results. Three top 10 finishes in 2016 F.I.R.S.T. trials at or above the plot average in seven of eight datasets. Strong agronomics from top to bottom promote exceptional plant health. Broad stature covers the ground quickly and promotes heavy pod set.


DSR-1950/R2Y    Maturity 1.9

Offensive genetics with medium height. Data shows consistently above trend line yield. Terrific emergence and standability. Well-positioned as a fuller season product. Well-matched for wider rows in any soil type. Caution in high IDC prone areas.


DSR-3028/R2Y    Maturity 3.0

Unique genetics background with stable agronomics and yield. Medium-tall with generous lateral branching. Good defensive attributes. Distinctive look with great harvest visuals. Reduced planting populations benefit this soybean. Moves east very well.


DSR-3555/R2Y    Maturity 3.5

Raises the bar for yield potential. Excellent emergence and early vigor. Sets a medium to broad canopy quickly. Good protection against SCN, PRR, BSR, SDS and frogeye. Thrives in better soils and management styles. Research yield data can¹t be ignored.

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