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Better ways to store and repair machineryBetter ways to store and repair machinery

New products lead to better shops and improved ways to service and repair equipment.

November 5, 2016

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There is nothing like a comfortable shop where you can work on equipment when it’s cold outside and the wind is blowing. Companies who are in the business to build efficient farm shops and storage buildings continue to improve their technology. So do companies who make tools and supplies so that you can work on equipment efficiently, either in the shop or in the field.

This lineup of products includes shop doors with innovative designs from Schweiss Doors. If you’re looking for rugged doors, or for a bifold door which will stand the test of time, these innovations are worth consideration.


One thing you don’t want in your shop or storage building is roof leaks. Lester Buildings introduces a new roof-design system which they tout as being "no-leak metal roofing." Since the first pole barn with metal siding was erected years ago, the possibility of drips and leaks has always been a concern. If someone says they can stop them, it’s worth a look.

Not all of the new products relate to the building itself. Some relate to tools that you can use to repair equipment in the building. Burchland offers a tire-changing stand for large tires that simplifies the process of removing tires or adding duals. If you’ve ever wrestled with heavy, bulky tractor tires, this system might be what you've been looking for to make the job quicker, easier and safer.

There are also new welders to check out for your shop, and even a new pressure-washing system. If you do a lot of your own maintenance work, or if your shop is set up with a wash bay so that you can clean up equipment even in the off-season, these products might be worth a look.

One company even offers a hydraulic hose repair kit, which is ideal to take to the field if you break a hose while pushing snow or hauling manure this winter, or when you’re in the field next season. It can allow you to make repairs and get back in business on the spot. That cuts down on wasted time.

Read on below to learn about some new machinery storage and repair options.

Better ways to store and repair machinery

In-floor heat installation aid

Installation of in-floor heat is easier with Creatherm radiant floor panels. You don’t have to clip, staple or tie heat tubes in place. You simply press them into position in the Creatherm forms. The panels provide some additional floor insulation, too. For more information, contact Creatherm Building Products, Westfield, Ind., at 888-925-5484 or visit creatherm.com.

Better ways to store and repair machinery

Portable welder

The Square Wave TIG 200 is a portable TIG (tungsten inert gas) and stick welder. It runs on a 120- or a 230-volt circuit and weighs only 46 pounds, and has a user interface that makes machine setup easy Base list price: $1,400. For more information, contact a Lincoln Electric retailer or visit lincolnelectric.com.

Better ways to store and repair machinery

Build welding skills

The Multimatic 215 has MIG (metal inert gas), stick and TIG (tungsten inert gas) capabilities, and can use 120- or 240-volt power. Quickly set up the machine for all three processes with the color LCD interface. Base list price: $1,449. For more information, contact Miller Electric Manufacturing Co., Appleton, Wis., at 866-931-9730 or see millerwelds.com.

Better ways to store and repair machinery

Heavy-duty hinge on hydraulic doors

Schweiss hydraulic doors just got a facelift with a stronger door frame, backup tractor fittings and a better pump. There's a choice of red or green paint, too. But the biggest design change has been a new, robust hinge design that has grease zerks for improved performance. The doors are easy to install and include bigger cylinders with spherical bearings. These doors have no wood, and they come in any size. You can learn more by going online at schweissdoors.com.

Better ways to store and repair machinery

Faster opening doors have new lift straps

The new bifold door design from Schweiss lift up to open, so the doors save parking space outside. There are fewer moving parts, no cables and no pulleys in Schweiss' strap auto-latch design. The doors are also faster-opening, with new lift straps that will outlast cables. You can also get the bifold models in any size with remote-control operation. Because there are more lift points and fewer moving parts, the bifold doors are also quieter. Learn more online at schweissdoors.com.

Better ways to store and repair machinery

Auto start-stop is featured on new pressure washer

The new 800 Series Hotsy hot-water pressure washer has auto start-stop and thermal shutdown or time-delay shutdown, offering an efficient way to get the job done. The new washers have an upright oil-fired burner that maintains a constant temperature using diesel fuel, kerosene or home heating oil. They have easy-to-use control panels, forklift slots, beefy casters and a reliable Crossfire oil burner that is built to last. You can learn more about the new 800 Series washers at hotsy.com.

Better ways to store and repair machinery

Sleek and no-leak with roofing system

The attractive Eclipse roof system from Lester Buildings is strong, sleek, quick and easy to install. The system has a unique rib and snap-on batten system that allows through-fastened panels that are 36 inches wide. The attractive batten snaps over the ribs, concealing screws and creating clean lines. The batten system also makes the roof weathertight. The Eclipse requires half the number of panels and fewer screws, so it speeds up installation. You can get all the details at lesterbuildings.com.

Better ways to store and repair machinery

Easy storage solution

Looking for a way to fit all your tools, nuts and bolts into a cramped space, but don't want to pay the high price tag for a mobile aisle unit? Levrack, designed by two farm boys near Seward, Neb. may be the answer. The movable shelf unit  mounts on sliders on a pallet rack and allows you to move shelves back and forth to fit more tools into a smaller space. At a cost of $5,300, a six-shelf unit condenses 24 feet of shelving into a 12-by-4-foot footprint. Learn more at levrack.com.

Better ways to store and repair machinery

Soy-based lubricant 

You can now grease your combine and other implements used to produce soybeans with a product made partially from soybean oil. DuPont Pioneer recently displayed commercial tubes of multipurpose lithium grease containing Plenish high-oleic oil. Plenish is the brand name for the oil produced form Pioneer’s high-oleic soybeans. Originally introduced in cooking oil, it’s now used in grease and other things, including butter flavoring for popcorn. The 14-ounce grease tube has four times the normal lubricating capacity. For more information, visit plenish.com.

Better ways to store and repair machinery

Wheel exchanger

Are you searching for an easier, faster and safer method to change out wheels on big equipment, including duals on tractors and sprayer tires? The Wheel Exchanger from Burchland Manufacturing Inc. may be what you’ve been looking for. Designed to be simple but sturdy, the Wheel Exchanger uses rollers on the bottom of the tool to help move wheels in position. List price: $2,350. Call Burchland Manufacturing, Gilman, Iowa, at 641-498-2063 or visit burchlandmfg.com.

Better ways to store and repair machinery

Fix hydraulic hoses in field

How much would it be worth to repair a busted hydraulic hose at 6 p.m. when you have several hours of running time left? The inventor of the Quick Fix on-site hydraulic hose kit believes you can pay for it with just one breakdown. Get running again with everything you need to fix the hose. Kits are available for either ?- or ½-inch hydraulic hose. Each kit comes with six fittings, 30 feet of hydraulic hose and the tools you need. List price for the ½-inch kit is $339. Call Nitta Corporation of America, Suwanee, Ga., at 800-261-3389 or visit quickfixhosekit.com.

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