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2016 soybean yield contest winners announced

Soybean pods
Six Arkansas soybean producers exceed 100 bushels per acre in 2016

The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board and the Arkansas Soybean Association are pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Grow for the Green Soybean Yield Contest. The contest divided state soybean producers into eight groups, seven geographic regions and one all-state conventional (non-GMO) category.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three in each division achieving a minimum of 60 bushels per acre at the Annual Meeting of the Arkansas Soybean Association on January 24, 2017. The meeting will be held at the ASU Student Center in Newport.

We want to commend all of the 95 soybean producers who entered the 2016 Grow for the Green Soybean Yield Contest and are proud to announce that six of these producers reached and exceeded the 100 bushel/acre milestone in 2016.

The Race for 100 yield contest began in 2007 and in 2013, three producers reached the goal. 

In 2016, James Wray from Poinsett County set a new record of 118.802 bushels per acre (Pioneer P47T36R); his father, Eddie Wray, harvested a plot of 109.701 bushels per acre (Pioneer P47T36R); and his mother, Barbara Annette Wray, harvested 109.843 bushels per acre (Pioneer P46T21R).

Michael Taylor Jr. from Helena produced 101.319 bushels per acre growing Asgrow AG47X6.

In south Arkansas, Martin Henry from Dumas grew Armor 48D24 which produced a yield of 113.888 bushels per acre. Layne Miles of McGehee grew NK S47-K5 with a yield of 100.994 bushels per acre.

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2016 Grow for the Green Soybean Yield Contest. We appreciate the participation of all the producers entered in the contest and the sharing of their production methods and secrets with the rest of the Arkansas soybean industry. 

Northeast Delta:

  • James Wray, Poinsett County, Pioneer P47T36R RR, 118.802
  • Barbara Annette Wray, Poinsett County, Pioneer P46T21R RR, 109.843
  • James E. Wray Jr., Poinsett County, Pioneer P47T36R RR, 109.701


  • Brad French, Randolph County, Pioneer 93Y92 RR, 90.398
  • Chris Vanaman, Cross County, Armor 48-D24 RR2X, 89.755
  • Brian Mack, Poinsett County, Armor 46-D08 RR2X, 88.780

White River Basin:                         

  • Perry Galloway, Woodruff County, Pioneer P41T33R RR, 97.092
  • Terry Fuller, Monroe County, Pioneer P47T36R RR, 83.317
  • Jerry Fuller, Monroe County, Pioneer P47T36R RR, 80.278

Central and Grand Prairie:                       

  • Drew Counce, Arkansas County, NK S47-K5 RR2Y, 95.177
  • Regan Counce, Arkansas County, NK S47-K5 RR2Y, 763
  • Jason Berry, Arkansas County, Armor 49-R56 RR2Y, 91.798

East Central Delta:                         

  • Mike Taylor Jr., Phillips County, Asgrow AG47X6 RR2X/SR, 101.319
  • Neil Culp, Phillips County, Asgrow AG47X6 RR2X/SR, 95.545
  • Chris Carnathan, Phillips County, Asgrow AG4632 RR2Y, 94.082

Southeast Delta:                            

  • Martin Henry, Desha County, Armor 48-D24 RR2X, 113.888
  • Layne Miles, Chicot County, NK S47-K5 RR2Y, 100.994
  • Mark Welty, Chicot County, Dyna-Gro 31RY45 RR2Y, 92.025

Western Portion of State:                      

  • Nicholas Moore, Conway County, Terral Rev 49R94 RR, 70.589
  • Lucas Moore, Conway County, Armor 46-R42 RR2Y, 67.489
  • Todd Hart, Conway County, Pioneer P49T31L LL, 67.401

Conventional Varieties:                          

  • Nelson Crow, Drew County, UA 5612, 73.178
  • Mark Nix, Cross County, eMerge e4892s, 63.052

The Grow for the Green Yield Soybean Yield Challenge is funded by the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board using producer checkoff funds. The contests are administered by the Arkansas Soybean Association in cooperation with the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

Many thanks to the county Extension staffs and independent consultants who help producers achieve these yields and serve as harvest judges. Complete contest harvest information is available on the websites of the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board and the Arkansas Soybean Association.

For additional information on the soybean yield contests in Arkansas, please contact the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board ( or Arkansas Soybean Association at (501) 666-1418 or [email protected] Information will also be available at and

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