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ONCE AGAIN, the Sunbelt Ag Expo, the popular southern farm show, revealed a number of new and interesting products — from foreign-made tractors to reversible harrows and soundproofed cattle chutes. Here's a look at a mix of the new products we found at the Moultrie, GA, show.


The Trailer Trapper ball mount cuts the risk of losing a trailer from a hitch. The special ball mount keeps a trailer coupler in place, even if the coupler is worn or latched improperly, or if the wrong size ball is used. The Trailer Trapper works on a Class IV hitch with a 10,000-lb. towing capacity. It is constructed with a 2-in. steel receiver shaft and is available from a 1- to 5-in. drop. Price: $99.95. Circle 217.

A Trapper V-Guide retails for $44.95 and helps to hitch a trailer by positioning the coupler over the ball. Circle 218.

Contact Marineovations, Dept. FIN, 4612 Carum Circle, Lake Park, GA 31636, 800/987-7510, or visit or


The new heavy-duty Rhino SR240 offers versatility for growers who need mowing, cutting and shredding in pastures, CRP acres or cropland. The 20-ft. flex-wing rotary cutter features a strong wing leading edge design, a smooth top deck for quick clean-off and deck rings that help prevent blades from cutting into the deck if they become bent. The new cutter also has a new free-float wing cylinder lug design that lets the wing float without moving the cylinder rod for reduced wear on the internal cylinder components. The SR240's cutting height ranges from 2 to 14¾ in., and it folds up to 9½ ft. for transport.

Suggested retail price starts at $21,859. Contact Rhino, Dept. FIN, 1020 S. Sangamon Ave., Gibson City, IL 60936, 877/408-3297, visit or, or circle 219.


Kuhn Farm Machinery introduces a line of SpeedRakes that feature high-clearance beams, flat-folding wheels and heavy-duty frames. The line includes three models: SR 108 with eight rake wheels, SR 110 with 10 rake wheels and SR 112 with 12 rake wheels. The flat-folding wheels provide a narrow transport width, low transport height and more stability during transport. The rakes are equipped with lateral suspension springs that allow them to float over rough terrain. They offer consistent ground pressure control of the finger wheels in uneven terrain for clean raking. Four major width adjustments are easily selected on the jack.

Suggested retail prices: $3,995 for the SR 108; $4,440 for the SR 110; and $5,110 for the SR 112. Contact Kuhn Farm Machinery, Dept. FIN, 5390 E. Seneca St., Vernon, NY 13476-0840, 315/829-2620, visit or, or circle 220.


The new Loftness Carbide Cutter designed for skid-steer loaders will cut and mulch trees with a 6-in. diameter using 48 hydraulic horsepower. The cutter will intermittently cut larger trees with up to 10-in. diameters. With its carbide material, the new cutter needs no sharpening.

The cutter is available in two sizes: The 53-in. model retails for $20,205, and the 63-in. model retails for $21,205. Contact Loftness US Attachments, Dept. FIN, 650 S. Main St., Hector, MN 55342, 800/828-7624, visit or, or circle 221.


Land Pride offers new implements for utility tractors. The 05 series reverse-tine rotary tiller is available in working widths of 42 and 50 in. and attaches to Cat. 0 and I hitches or a Land Pride quick hitch. The tiller features a box frame, alloy steel heat-treated blades, and four C blades per flange.

Price: $1,800. Contact Land Pride, Div. of Great Plains Mfg., Dept. FIN, Box 5060, Salina, KS 67402-5060, 785/823-3276, visit or, or circle 222.


The versatile Tarzan harrow from Tarver Sales will do many jobs on both sides of the harrow. The harrow ranges in size from 5 to 45 ft. and is constructed of heavy -in. 1060 steel teeth. On one side, the teeth are angled at 45° for spreading manure and covering seed. On the other side, the harrow teeth are angled at 15° for preparing seedbeds, thatching grass and incorporating fertilizer in hay fields. The harrow also may be trailed behind other implements, such as a disk or chisel plow.

The list price of the 10- × 10-ft. working width model is $1,348. Contact Tarver Sales, Dept. FIN, 84636 Hwy. 25, Folsom, LA 70437, 800/848-9303, visit or, or circle 223.


Several new Lenar compact tractor models are now available. The 20-hp LE204 and 200 series I are designed for small jobs yet have the power to do heavy work including loader work. The models are available in 2-wd or 4-wd and feature a liquid-cooled, 2,400-rpm, 3-cyl. diesel engine that is manufactured by the large-engine manufacturer Yang Dong in China. The 204 model retails for $8,500, and the 200 model retails for $6,500. Circle 224.

The LE354 series I tractor offers 35 hp and handles larger utility work. It features a heavy-built front end, dual-hydraulic pumps and lock in/out 4-wd. An upright, inline, 3-cyl., radiator-cooled, four-stroke, 2,200-rpm direct-injection engine powers the tractor. This engine also is made by Yang Dong. Suggested retail price is $12,500. Circle 225.

Contact Lenar North America, Dept. FIN, 2620 N. Center St., Suite 3, Bonham, TX 75418, 903/640-5000, or visit or


The TYM series of tractors has expanded with the new T700 model, boasting 70 hp and a John Deere 3029T engine with 3 cylinders. Manufactured in South Korea by Tong Yang Moolsan, TYM tractors are built in accordance with ISO standards and are exported worldwide. The new T700 model has 16 forward and 16 reverse synchro-shuttle gears and a creep speed. Its hydraulics are multifunctional and electronically operated.

Suggested retail price: $33,495. Contact TYM America, Div. of American Jawa Ltd., Dept. FIN, 7301 Allentown Blvd., Harrisburg, PA 17112, 717/540-5618, visit or, or circle 226.


A new series of tractors is available from Long Agribusiness/Farmtrac. The 7 series includes three open-station models (75, 85 and 95 hp) and one cab model (115 hp). All models are 4-cyl. diesels designed with a powerful torque rise up to 33%. The tractors offer 15 forward and 15 reverse speeds, with the largest model, 711DTC cab, equipped with an additional five forward and five reverse creeper speeds.

Open-station models come standard with dual-speed PTO. The 7115DTC cab model also includes economy PTO that provides fuel savings in less-power-intensive applications.

Retail price is $35,714 for the 785 model and $38,312 for the 795 model. Contact Long Agribusiness/Farmtrac, Dept. FIN, Box 1139, Tarboro, NC 27886, 877/639-5194, visit or or circle 227.

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