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Weed management is a year-round job

Weed management is a year-round job

As the saying goes, “A farmer’s job is never done.”  While harvest begins for some and continues for others in the area, it is time to think about weed resistance and the management plans that farmers are using to finish out the season. Producers are reflecting on what worked and looking ahead to what can be improved for next time. For some, this will mean countless hours of research, talking to their Asgrow® and DEKALB® reps and other farmers in their region, and maybe even using one of the apps developed for farmers to maximize their time and yields. Regardless, weed resistance remains real for farmers in the Delta and Southeast regions of the country.

Agronomic advice on herbicide application

A local Asgrow and DEKALB technical agronomist, Greg Ferguson of Mississippi, says that the first and most important thing that a farmer can do is develop a plan, and not “just wing it” when it comes to weed resistance management. Farmers can’t predict a lot when it comes to uncontrollable factors with their crops. It is impossible to know what days it will rain or what new insect will work its way into their field. These concerns are compounded by ever changing weed pressures and herbicide resistance patterns. 

In the Mississippi Delta and Southeast regions, “Farmers face their biggest resistance issues with weeds like palmer amaranth, mare’s tale, and Italian rye grass,” according to Ferguson.

Having worked in the region for over 15 years, Ferguson agrees with the majority of farmers in the area that applying a residual herbicide pre-plant, pre-emergence and post-emergence is a pretty safe bet when it comes to weed resistance management. In addition, if those tough weeds are still around after harvest, tillage is an effective, widely used practice in the area for farmers to achieve that clean canvas for the upcoming planting season.

Weed pressures are on the rise

However, with the emergence of more resistant weeds each year, a farmer’s management plan has never been so vital to the success of the crop. As all farmers know, those unpredictable factors farmers deal with on a daily basis can take a weed management plan off course in an instant.

Ferguson reassures, “there are definitely tweaks that can be used to help.” When it comes to weed resistance management, the experts at Asgrow and DEKALB are there to implement new methods through all stages of the crop’s life, working alongside the farmer to make changes and improve the farmer’s yield and bottom line. 

Combining traditional approaches with technological innovation

Reflecting on his time spent working in the region, Ferguson noted that although things have changed for today’s farmers, weed management plans have kept some of their traditional roots.

“Resistance management plans are going back to the way we farmed in the 1980’s by using the same herbicides in the same crops,” he noted, adding that back then this process was used to “simplify the way we treated weeds.” With more options and more guidance for farmers today, he feels confident that farmers can be successful in their management practices by customizing unique herbicides and management plans to their specific crops and fields. He recommends creating a plan that meets each individual farmer’s needs.

Always working to bring the most advanced products to farmers, Monsanto has been helping them manage issues in their fields for years by creating reliable, tested products that reflect the ever-changing demands that high yields place on today’s farmers. With all the skilled and expert seed dealers and agronomists they can call on for support, farmers who plant Asgrow and DEKALB corn and soybeans have never been in better hands in their search for outstanding yields and superior weed management.

For more information, work with your expert Asgrow/DEKALB dealer or visit

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