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Soil Improvements Yield Better Crops and Bigger Profits

Justin, Texas – March 28, 2012 –Farmers hoping for another good market in 2012 are in luck; the U.S. Department of Agriculture is predicting that crop exports will reach $131 billion this year, the second highest amount on record.[1]<#_ftn1>  As spring planting begins, growers who want to take advantage of this demand while operating in a sustainable manner are searching for ways to increase crop yields and reduce their costs while respecting the environment. Bio S.I. Technology’s ( Agricultural Formula may be the key to helping them achieve all three goals.
Bio S.I. is an all-natural, organic liquid that contains a broad and diverse spectrum of beneficial microbes and enzymes. It helps improve the efficiency of water movement through the soil profile by reducing crusting and converting organic matter to humus which improves water holding capacity of the soil.  It also helps soil percolation by reducing the harmful effects of hardpan by taking the roots through this layer allowing water and air to move through the soil profile.  This creates better nutrient availability, a growing environment that encourages the production of more vigorous root systems, and plants that are more vigorous and resistant to insects and disease.  

Farmers who use Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula as a part of their fertilizer program can achieve better crop results even as they cut their expenses by reducing the amount of fertilizers used over time.   We suggest growers take a soil sample to find out what fertilizer will need to be added and use Bio S.I. Agriculture Formula to make sure they get the most of the fertilizer they put into the soil.  Since the cost of fertilizers soars with the cost of oil—and there’s no respite in sight from high oil prices—less fertilizer usage produces better results on their balance sheets. In addition, Bio S.I. soil inoculants will help ensure that farmers get the maximum value out of every dollar they do spend on fertilizer products this year.
An investment in Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula also pays long-term dividends. The purchase of fertilizers produces results for a single growing season; Bio S.I. inoculants, on the other hand, Rebuild, restore, and renew the soil over time, reversing the effects of decades of less-than-optimal farming practices. The microbes in Bio S.I. inoculants help transform fields that are compacted, low in carbon (humus) and low in water holding capacity due to tilling practices and improper fertilizer applications.  They unlock tied up nutrients in the soil. They build the humus that improves the soil’s water and oxygen-holding capabilities and extend its aerobic zones so that plant roots grow deeper and stronger.  
The effectiveness of Bio S.I. has been demonstrated through years of research and testing on more than 25 different crops in the United States, Canada, China, Korea, Bulgaria, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Brazil. Tests conducted by the Texas Plant and Soil Laboratory at Edinburg, Texas, found a 60 to 80 percent increase in the uptake of the minerals that plants need for growth-- phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sulfur—after applying the product to the soil.  These nutrients were in the soil but the plants could not get them because they were locked up in forms unavailable to the plant roots.
Although spring is a good time to apply Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula to the soil—it makes sense to give plants the best possible start—Bio S.I. inoculants can be added at any time of the growing season.   Bio S.I. products are non manure based which means you don’t have to worry about pathogens being applied to your soil.  Bio S.I. Technology has each batch tested at a food laboratory to further your confidence in our products safety. 

Bio S.I. products will start the rebuilding, restoring, and renewing of your soil this growing season.  The only way to get the humus we have lost back in the soil is with microbes in the soil to break down the organic matter.  Also, unlike other inputs, the microbes in Bio S.I. are not used up by the plants.  They continue to work to build humus in your soil.  This means the money spent on our products continue to work for you year round.   It is an investment in your soil and the environment.   You must remember to do soil and water testing each year.  This allows you to use the right nutrients for your soil.  It will help save you money and be environmentally friendly at the same time.  
Bio S.I. products are found in many co-ops and nurseries and are also available online at