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Smucker, Canadian developer team up for new GPS system

SMUCKER MFG., Inc. and a Canadian-based developer have teamed up in creating the LandMark GPS Guidance System, for a user friendly electronic guidance system.

The LandMark GPS Guidance System is an agricultural product that helps operators apply seed, nutrients, and pesticides. The product combines sophisticated GPS technology with virtual reality and data management software for a real-time accurate and easy-to-use guidance system.

Whether spraying, fertilizing, spreading or seeding, the LandMark GPS system gives precise guidance and optimizes coverage while improving operational efficiencies. The latest software also allows you to control the sprayer/spreader unit attached to your system and keeps track of the area covered and material used. It automatically remembers the headlands you'll be spraying, and prevents you from over-spraying areas you've already covered. The applicator cuts down on wasted input materials and fuel by driving equally spaced swaths.

Set up the system once and your field operation is completely hands-off. The LandMark GPS retains set-up and trajectory information and has the capabilities to recall it when you return to the field. It picks the right swath the first time — and every time thereafter.

Unlike traditional systems which employ light-bar technology, LandMark GPS Guidance presents a real-time moving highway to guide you. LandMark GPS has a high contrast easy-to-read display, even in bright sunlight and allows you to anticipate steering corrections.

LandMark GPS can store in memory the boundary of your field, no matter what shape or size. The addition of a 3.5 disk drive allows you to save crucial data on specific jobs, such as duration and date of job, area and area sprayed, quantity of material sprayer, and much more. If you need to suspend a job, all the boundary and covered area information can be saved on the disk. This job can be resumed at a later time.

The disk drive also allows you to install new software upgrades. New features also include a local time-zone adjustment, adjustment of the offset from antenna to sprayer boom, and look ahead with warning count down when approaching headlands.

For additional information, contact Smucker Mfg., Inc., at 800-333-4503. The Website is

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