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Shuttles positive for environment

ITS COMMITMENT to the environment, Monsanto says, continues in a new approach that utilizes recycling technology in creating its herbicide containers. The Shuttle 150, Monsanto's proprietary refillable container, significantly reduces the number of one-way containers used and it recycles plastic materials. Its environmentally aware design will help farmers maintain their commitment to preserving the land.

“We believe it is important to address both recycling issues and the environment as part of our corporate citizenship,” said Monsanto's Tom Hoogheem.

“Monsanto recognizes the role a healthy environment plays for the agricultural industry, and the Shuttle 150 helps to create a cleaner Earth.”

According to the Agriculture Container Recycle Council, approximately 30 percent of pesticide and adjuvant containers in the United States are recycled.

“Not only has Monsanto reduced the amount of plastic containers that have to be recycled, we have increased the amount of recycled plastic used in the Shuttle 150,” said Hoogheem. “Each Shuttle 150 contains the plastic from 62, 2.5-gallon recycled plastic bottles. Every system eliminates up to 100 pounds of material. That's significant.”

The Shuttle 150 design was based on the Shuttle 120 design. Although the containers may look the same, the Shuttle 150 can hold 30 more gallons of product, which in turn can spray 175 more acres when using Roundup WeatherMax. For ease of storage, the Shuttle 120 and Shuttle 150 can stack interchangeably.

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