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Shoot a grease zerk

Greasing a partially plugged or rusted zerk typically takes more than the10,000 psi of pressure that normal grease guns can dish out. But attach theShotgun high-pressure unit to your gun and you can blast grease up to 10times that amount of pressure to unplug the most difficult zerk, accordingto the maker.

The unit features a high-pressure chamber that fills with a normal amountof grease. If pressure builds inside the chamber due to an obstructed zerk,a 3/16-in.-dia. drive pin pops out. When you hit the pin with a 2-lb.hammer, it pounds against a 9,000-lb. spring and generates up to 125,000psi of pressure, blasting the grease zerk with just the right amount ofgrease. Price: $42. Contact R.E.A.M. Corp., Dept. FIN, Box 311, NewLothrop, MI 48460, 810/257-8390.

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