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Hybrid Heroes for 2011

Hybrid Heroes for 2011

The hero of agriculture this year was the growing season. Most areas had exceptional weather, perfectly timed moisture and wonderful growing conditions. After last year’s drawn-out harvest, many farmers had the opportunity to start harvest on time this year, if not early. And now that the 2010 crop is out of the field, it’s time to look to 2011. Let your hybrid choice be the hero of next season.

What hybrids are new? What are companies offering? Corn & Soybean Digest has put together a list of top hybrids for you to peruse. This guide should be used as a starting point for selecting hybrids for next year. Be sure to also consider university, independent and company trial data when making our decisions.

2010 Home Run Hybrids Key

Hybrids are listed alphabetically by company, grouped into three relative maturity (RM) zones:
Early season (75-104 days)
Mid-season (105-112 days)
Late season (113-120 days)

Most herbicide and insect treatments are abbreviated. They include:
Agrisure 3000GT (3KGT)
Agrisure Corn Borer (CB)
Agrisure Glyphosate Tolerant (GT)
Agrisure Rootworm (RW)
Clearfield (CL)
Genuity SmartStax (SS)
Genuity VT3 Pro (PRO)
Herculex 1 (HX1)
Herculex XTRA (HXX)
Liberty Link (LL)
Roundup Ready (RR)
Roundup Ready 2 (RR2)
Vectran Triple (VT3)
YieldGard Corn Borer (YGCB)
YieldGard Plus (YG+)
YieldGard VT Triple (YGVT3)

Editor’s Note: This list isn’t intended to be comprehensive. Companies included on this list were identified through Corn & Soybean Digest’s 2009 Reader Profile. The top companies named by growers are listed.

Early Season

A6192 – 95-day RM
•    Exceptional early season vigor
•    Excellent grain quality with high test weight
•    Outstanding yield potential on productive soils

A6276 – 101-day RM
•    Excellent yield-to-moisture ratio with very good drydown
•    Very good stalk, root strength
•    Consistent performance in all cropping systems and environments

A6323 – 103-day RM
•    Exceptional yield for maturity with fast dry down
•    Excellent ear flex allows for high yield levels at varying plant populations
•    Versatile hybrid with excellent adaptation for all production systems

4613A3 – 103-day RM (3KGT/LL)
•    Fast Emergence
•    Excellent late-season plant health
•    Good under irrigation

4613A4 – 102-day RM (Vip/LL)
•    Controls western bean cutworm, corn earworm
•    Strong emergence
•    Handles muck soils

4817HXR – 104-day RM (HXX/LL/RR2)
•    Handles most soil types
•    Excellent stalk, root strength
•    Good staygreen

194-27VT2P – 94-day RM (VT2P/RR2)
•    Excellent yield potential with good test-weight grain
•    Adapted from Michigan to Dakotas; best performance potential in 95-RM areas
•    Adapted to most soil types, tillage systems
•    If moving south, harvest early to maximize yields

184-38VT2P Brand – 84-day RM (VT2P/RR2)
•    Good grain and silage yield potential for the northern Corn Belt
•    Adapted to the 80 and 85 RM areas of the Dakotas
•    Good choice for early planting, works well across most soil types and crop rotations
•    Sensitive to growth regulator herbicides

201-16VT3 Brand – 101-day RM (PRO/RR2)
•    Early riser in cooler soils makes it excellent choice for reduced tillage
•    Well adapted in the 100-105-RM areas from northeast through eastern South Dakota
•    Keep populations to high side
•    Timely harvest needed in disease areas

3390SS – 93-day RM (SS)
•    New high-yielding female combined with a new Northern/eastern male
•    Early flowering for maturity with very fast drydown
•    Excellent top-end yield potential with excellent stalks, roots
•    Excellent choice for early planting, reduced-tillage systems

3632AS3000GT – 96-day RM (3KGT)
•    Consistent, semi-flex, girthy ears with good test weight; flared husk for fast drydown
•    Best adapted north used as full-season hybrid (Dakotas, MN, WI, MI, NY)
•    Female does not have good heat, drought tolerance
•    Performs best on sandy loam to heavy clay soils at medium to high populations

4022RR – 100-day RM (RR)
•    Flowers 3-4 days earlier than 421 for better northward movement
•    1 lb. heavier test weight than 421
•    Excellent top-yield potential; very good stalks; average roots; better east
•    Very good greensnap tolerance in West, but poor Goss’ wilt tolerance

Stealth-6382 – 82-day RM (RR2)
•    Dent x dent that allows for top-end yields
•    Early flowering with fast drydown
•    Can move south and maintain plant integrity
•    Good choice planted late after alfalfa or in emergency planting scenarios

Stealth-9992 – 92-day RM (VT3)
•    Attractive medium-tall plant; quick out of ground
•    Handles drought very well
•    Strong yields, agronomics with fast drydown
•    Very good independent yield trial, strip plot results last two years

Stealth-9303SSX – 103-day N/101-day C (SS)
•    High-yielding genetics that deliver versatility, consistency
•    Regularly at top of trials last two years
•    Medium plant stature with consistent ears down row
•    Excellent choice for corn-corn, no-till

DKC48-12 – 98-day RM (SS)
•    Excellent early vigor, seedling growth
•    Early flowering, excellent drydown
•    Excellent intactness, harvest appearance
•    Strong roots, stalks

DKC51-85 – (GENSS) 101-day RM (SS)
•    Excellent emergence, seedling vigor
•    Strong roots, stalks
•    Impressive top-end yield potential

DKC39-07 – 89-day RM (VT2P)
•    Consistent yield performance over wide range of environments
•    Very good emergence, seedling vigor
•    Excellent roots, standability

FS 54SX1 – 104-day RM (SS)
•    Outstanding yield potential, consistency for maturity
•    Adapts to wide variety of soil types
•    Solid late-season agronomic package, intact at harvest
•    5% Refuge requirement

FS 49SX1 – 99- day RM (SS)
•    Exceptional yield performance in both low, high yield environments
•    Adapts well to most soil types
•    Very good stalks, roots; above-average test weight
•    5% Refuge requirement

FS 52SV3 – 102-day RM (YGVT3)
•    Excellent potential over wide range of environments
•    Adapts well to most soil types
•    Impressive late-season agronomic package, intact at harvest
•    Ability to move south

89T43-3000GT – 92-day RM
•    Superior grain yields across changing soil types
•    Strong stalks for good harvestability
•    Good ear flex, kernel depth

88E24-3111 – 96-day RM
•    Superior emergence, seedling growth
•    Strong late-season plant health allows for harvest flexibility
•    Great choice for reduced tillage acres

89J14-3000GT – 86-day RM
•    Excellent late-season plant health, intactness
•    Good test weight, grain quality
•    Broadly adapted across changing soil types

H-6816 3000GT – 94-day RM
•    Strong emergence, early vigor allow for early planting
•    Excellent test weight, grain quality
•    Best performance on moderate to highly productive acres

H-7647 3000GT – 101-day RM
•    Strong emergence, early vigor
•    Good ear flex
•    Best performance when used as early to mid-season hybrid

H-7818 3000GT – 102-day RM
•    Semi-flex ear allows for average populations
•    Very good grain quality, test weight
•    Best performance on productive soils

3409 – 84-day RM (VT2P)
•    Flowers early with rapid drydown
•    Good stress, drought tolerance
•    Very good corn-corn
•    Very good test weight, grain quality

5245 – 102-day RM (VT3/RR)
•    Excellent standability
•    Very good stress tolerance
•    Very good plant health, fall intactness
•    Consistent, determinate ears with very deep kernels

5339 – 103-day RM (3KGT/GT)
•    Very good emergence, seedling vigor
•    Very good plant health and stay green
•    Very good ear flex
•    Very good dual-purpose hybrid

K4-9599 – 99-day RM (SS)
•    Very good test weight and grain quality
•    Excellent stalks and roots
•    Stable performance potential
•    Used as very early product corn-corn may be responsive to fungicide application

K4-9302 – 102-day RM (SS)
•    Solid yield potential across environments
•    Excellent health package with good emergence
•    Consistent performance across most soil types, cropping sequences
•    Moves south very well as early product, especially corn-corn

K-7495 – 95-day RM (YGVT3)
•    Excellent standability
•    Very good drought tolerance
•    Consistent performance across most soil types and cropping sequences
•    Push population for max performance where soils, fertility, moisture allow

2J339 – 92-day RM (SS)
•    Competitive performer in wide variety of environments, production systems
•    Excellent fall health, late-season plant integrity
•    Very good stress tolerance for lighter soils
•    Fast finish; very good grain drydown

2P497 – 100-day RM (SS)
•    Strong early season characteristics; good choice for reduced tillage
•    Good late-season health, intactness
•    Good ear flex allows adaptation to variable plant densities
•    Very good Goss' wilt tolerance

2H566 – 104-day RM (SS)
•    High-yielding hybrid
•    Good performance east to west
•    Good late-season intactness
•    Timely harvest recommended

N49J-3000GT – 103-day RM
•    Strong yield performance across soil types
•    Good drought tolerance
•    Tall, robust plant type with good late-season plant health

N39M-3111 – 98-day RM
•    Outstanding emergence, seedling vigor
•    Early flowering combined with solid drought tolerance
•    Strong roots and stalks for dependable standability

N27B-3111 – 90-day RM
•    Excellent emergence, seedling growth allows for early planting
•    Produces high-quality silage
•    Best adapted to highly productive acres

P9910AM – 99-day RM (AM1/LL/RR2)
•    Stalk, root strength
•    Drought tolerance
•    Staygreen.

36V53 – 102-day RM (HX1/LL/RR2)
•    Broadly adapted platform
•    Exceptional yield potential, drought tolerance
•    Good standability

35F48AM1 – 105-day RM (AM1/LL/RR2)
•    Proven performance across all yield levels
•    Performance advantage in drought-prone environments

W 8085VT2PRO – 84-day RM (VT2P)
•    Excellent drydown
•    Position as full-season hybrid in adapted maturity zone
•    Great root strength, standability
•    Average fall appearance

W 8107VT2PRO – 90-day RM (VT2P)
•    Consistent, dominating performance
•    Broad adaptability on many acres
•    Easy combining hybrid
•    Very wide harvest window due to superior fall intactness

W 8272STX – 98-day RM (SS)
•    Excels on tough ground, corn-corn environments
•    Solid emergence, early growth, disease package
•    Consistent performance across many soil types
•    Position in southern Minnesota, west across South Dakota

W2757 – 102-day RM (PRO)
•    Top-end yield performance across soil types
•    Rapid drydown
•    Excellent green snap resistance, drought tolerance
•    Handles higher populations

W2849 – 102-day RM (3KGT)
•    Excellent standability
•    Exceptional emergence, early vigor
•    Stalk strength allows for later harvest
•    Smart choice for corn-corn, no-till

W1831 – 97-day RM (YGVT3)
•    Early flowering for maturity provides risk reduction
•    Impressive drydown – great yield-to-moisture ratio
•    Smart choice for tough growing conditions, corn-corn
•    Excellent test weight


Mid Season

A6384 – 106-day RM
•    Very good emergence, early vigor
•    Excellent ear flex allows for high yield levels at varying plant populations
•    Outstanding late-season plant health, stalk integrity

A6389 – 106-day RM
•    Excellent adaptation North to South; high yields in many environments
•    Excellent drydown allows for early harvest
•    Outstanding emergence, early season vigor

A6476 – 111-day RM
•    Outstanding yield potential with strong agronomic package
•    Versatile hybrid adapted to all production systems
•    Excellent grain quality; heavy test weight

5716A4 – 111-day RM (Vip/LL)
•    Tremendous harvest appearance
•    Excellent Agrisure protection
•    Handles tough conditions

6077HR – 111-day RM (HX1/LL/RR2)
•    Plot-topping yields
•    Excellent stalk strength
•    Widely adapted

6179VT3 – 112-day RM (YGVT3/RR)
•    Outstanding yield potential
•    Great in highly productive soils
•    Excellent agronomics

205-99STX – 105-day RM (SS/RR2/LL)
•    Top-end yield potential; new standard for maturity
•    Widely adapted East to West; moves South well for early grain
•    Early planting option on most soils and rotations; good for later planting
•    Fast drydown for early harvest south of zone

212-45STX – 112-day RM (SS/RR2/LL)
•    Excellent performance potential with solid agronomic package
•    Adapted from Delmarva to central Nebraska in 110-115-RM zones
•    Works well across most soil types, crop rotations
•    Good late-season standability; good choice for later harvest

211-99VT3P – 111-day RM (PRO/RR2)
•    Good stress tolerance; excellent performance potential in tough environments
•    Well adapted from late 105-115-RM zones from East Coast to central Nebraska
•    Good choice for corn-corn
•    Excellent agronomics for late harvest option

541SS 106-day RM (SS)
•    New female related to 5237 female; new male that is related to the male used in 3514
•    Large, girthy ear with some flex
•    Very good greensnap tolerance; above-average tolerance on diseases; poor tolerance to Goss’ wilt
•    High top-end yield with greatly improved roots

6076GT/CB/LL – 110-day RM (GT/CB/LL)
•    Combines the 691/5976 female with a new Northern/Eastern male
•    Very good emergence; fast early growth; high yield potential
•    Excellent top-end yield potential; fixed, consistent ear down the row
•    Very good plant health, fall intactness; tall hybrid for dual-purpose use as silage hybrid

6263AS3111 – 112-day RM (Vip)
•    Combines 6069 female 6463/6763 male
•    High yield with very good roots; average on disease tolerance, test weight
•    Exceptional top-end yield potential, tolerance to GLS; fungicide recommended with NCLB
•    Avoid light sands and heavy, poorly drained clays

Stealth-9405SSX – 105-day RM N/103-day RM C  (SS)
•    Consistent across environments
•    Strong, reliable agronomics
•    Best performance at high populations
•    Good North to South movement

Stealth-6310RR2 – 110-day RM N/108-day RM C (RR2)
•    Outstanding agronomic characteristics
•    Great refuge hybrid
•    Emergence scores top of scale
•    Widely adapted East to West

Stealth-9710SSX – 110-day RM N/108-day RM C (SS)
•    Terrific corn-corn, no-till choice
•    Responds to high populations, high fertility
•    Consistently at top of trials two years running
•    Very good agronomic package

DKC58-83 – 108-day RM (PRO)
•    Good drydown
•    Good drought tolerance
•    Very good greensnap tolerance
•    Very good stalks, roots

DKC56-33 – 106-day RM (SS)
•    Excellent stalks; very good roots
•    Very good test weight, grain quality
•    Excellent staygreen, harvest appearance
•    Very good disease, greensnap tolerance

DKC62-97 – 112-day RM (PRO)
•    Excellent staygreen, late-season harvest appearance
•    Excellent stalks; very good roots
•    Very good drought, greensnap tolerance

FS 61BX1 – 111-day RM (SS)
•    Outstanding yield potential for maturity; ability to move South
•    Best positioned in high-yield environments
•    Flex ear allows for lower populations on less productive soils
•    5% refuge requirement

FS 57SV3 – 107-day RM (YGVT3)
•    Extremely high top-end yield potential for maturity
•    Adapts to wide variety of soil types
•    Consistent top-end yield potential, late-season plant health
•    Also available as 57SV1 (VT2P)
FS 62JV3 – 112-day RM (YGVT3)
•    Outstanding yield performance in low- and high-yield environments
•    Consistent results over wide range of tillage, soil types
•    Above-average standability for both roots, stalks
•    Very good drydown; above-average grain quality, test weight

84Y14-3000GT – 111-day RM
•    Good seedling vigor; strong choice for early planting
•    Excellent yield-to-moisture ratio
•    Excellent late-season plant intactness

84G70-3111 – 112-day RM
•    Strong emergence, seedling vigor for early planting
•    Very good staygreen, late-season plant intactness
•    Best performance with normal to below-normal plant populations

H-8969 3111 – 111-day RM
•    Exceptional standability provides flexible harvest schedule
•    Good drought tolerance, ear flex support high yields
•    Yields well in GLS environments despite below-average disease-tolerance rating

H-9002GT – 112-day RM
•    Excels in highly productive soils
•    Strong choice for variable soil types
•    Genetic diversity for eastern refuge acres

5643 – 106-day RM (PRO)
•    Widely adapted
•    Girthy semi-flex ears with deep kernels
•    Very good standability
•    Very good plant health, staygreen

5850 – 108-day RM (Conventional)
•    Widely adapted
•    Excellent standability
•    Excellent staygreen, fall intactness
•    Showy plant with well-filled ears

6229 – 112-day RM (VT3)
•    Very good plant health
•    Very good stalks, roots
•    Very good drydown
•    Consistent, well-filled ears

K4-9607 – 107-day RM (SS)
•    Excellent roots, stalks, greensnap resistance
•    Very good yield potential
•    Consistent performance across most soil types, cropping sequences
•    If very early product, corn-corn may be responsive to fungicide application

K-4510 – 110-day RM (VT2P)
•    Very good yield potential.
•    Excellent standability, plant intactness
•    Good choice for corn-corn where rootworms not a concern
•    Best performance at higher plant populations

K-4207 – 107-day RM (VT2P)
Excellent roots, stalks
Very good yield potential across environments
Consistent performance across most soil types, cropping sequences
If very early product, corn-corn may be responsive to fungicide application.

2V715 – 111-day RM (HXX)
•    Moderate plant height with ears placed above center line
•    Flex-ear style adapts to wide range of plant densities
•    Medium-texture grain shells easily from cob
•    Widely adapted east to west across central Corn Belt

2E688 – 109-day RM; SmartStax
•    High yield from high-yield environments with above-average densities
•    Very good performance as early hybrid
•    Medium-high to high plant densities enhance performance
•    Average late-season plant health

2M588 – 105-day RM (SS)
•    High-yielding hybrid with strong stalks, roots
•    Produces moderately girthy ears with good seed quality
•    Widely adapted east to west across 103-108-day growing environments
•    Good tolerance to GLS and NCLB

N53C-3111 – 105-day RM
•    Outstanding root strength; strong stalks
•    Early flowering date creates strong performance north of zone
•    Great choice for corn-corn, moderate to highly productive soils

N72A-3111 – 112-day RM
•    Excellent choice for early planting, corn-corn
•    Strong roots, stalks provide season-long standability
•    Great late-season plant intactness, staygreen

P1184HR – 111-day RM (HX1,LL,RR2)
•    Offers high yield potential
•    Strong stalks
•    Superior roots

P1173HR – 111-day RM (HX1,LL,RR2)
•    Late-season stalk strength
•    Resistance to mid-season brittle stalk
•    Ear flex

P1162XR – 111-day RM (HXX,LL,RR2)
•    Impressive yield
•    Very good stalk strength, short plant, ear height
•    Very good choice for drought-prone environments

W 6472RR – 108-day RM (RR)
•    Excellent refuge hybrid for varying soil types
•    Good choice for no-till
•    Excellent ear flex
•    Position in southeast South Dakota and West

W 7473VT3 – 109-day RM (VT3)
•    Excels in high-yield environments
•    Healthy plant with very large, girthy ear
•    Great all around agronomics, root strength
•    Position in southeast South Dakota and West

W 7562VT3 – 111-day RM (VT3)
•    Overall solid disease package
•    Great hybrid for cold soils, no-till
•    Will adapt to varying environments
•    Superior stress tolerance

W4179 – 105-day RM (3KGT)
•    Reliable, high-yield performance; excellent harvest appearance
•    Very good resistance to NCLB, anthracnose
•    Highly rated for drought tolerance
•    Adaptable to wide range of populations

W5568 – 108-day RM (SS)
•    Standout with stable, high-end yields on girthy ears
•    Solid agronomics; exceptional standability
•    Excellent greensnap resistance
•    Very good GLS tolerance

W7071 – 111-day RM (YGVT3)
•    Impressive combination of yield, standability
•    Attractive plant with moderate ear height
•    Very good GLS, NCLB, anthracnose tolerance
•    Wide geographic adaptability


Late Season

A6553 – 113-day RM
•    Outstanding yield potential under high management
•    Ideal combination of yield potential, agronomics
•    Excellent hybrid for irrigated acres

A6677 – 116-day RM
•    Outstanding yield potential in high-yield environments
•    Food-grade quality hybrid with excellent test weight
•    Great ear flex at moderate plant populations

A6839 – 119-day RM
•    Excellent stalk, root strength
•    Outstanding yield potential with strong agronomic package
•    Excellent test weigh, grain quality

6464HR – 113-day RM (HX1/LL/RR2)
•    Excellent corn-corn product
•    Great stalk strength
•    Excellent GLS and NCLB resistance

6188Bt1 – 113-day RM (CB/LL)
•    Excellent in central, south
•    Good plant health
•    Excellent standability

6903HR – 115-day RM (HX1/LL/RR2)
•    Tall plant with medium ear height
•    Excellent staygreen
•    Excellent product for south

214-14VT3P – 114-day RM;  (PRO/RR2)
•    Excellent yield potential, solid agronomics
•    Widely adapted east to west in 110-, 115-RM zones
•    Good choice for early planting, reduced tillage; excellent dryland, irrigated performance
•    Stunning plant appearance with good late-season plant health

213-89VT2P – 113-day RM (VT2P/RR2)
•    Strong agronomic package with solid performance across most yield environments
•    Adapted from southern Ohio through eastern Kansas
•    Adapted to most rotations; works well with variable soil types, moderate yield potential
•    Sensitivity to growth regulators, sulfonylurea herbicides

216-27VT2P – 116-day RM (VT2P/RR2)
•    Performance potential across wide range of yield levels
•    Adapted from southern Ohio through Kansas
•    Good choice for corn-corn, fields where stress conditions occur
•    Avoid situations that limit root development

6926VT3P – 114-day RM (PRO)
•    New female with Northern/tropical male in 4924, 6226, 6126
•    High yield potential; excellent stalks, roots, test weight
•    Short plant type, wide dark-green upright leaves; excellent fall intactness
•    Excellent disease package; below-average southern rust, anthracnose stalk rot

6901GT – 114-day RM (GT)
•    Excellent seedling vigor for early planting
•    Large, girthy, semi-flex ear; populations need to be medium-high to high range
•    Excellent roots; above-average stalks; very good disease tolerance; average GLS
•    Widely adaptable to most soils, except light, droughty sands; caution on nonirrigated sands

Stealth-9213Q – 113-day RM (HX1/LL/RR2)
•    Terrific all around agronomics that last through fall
•    Capable of handling all types of growing seasons
•    Outstanding new “Q” racehorse style hybrid
•    Very girthy consistent ear size; 18-22 rows

Stealth-9313SSX – 113-day RM (SS)
•    Top-end genetics for terrific yield potential
•    Superior or early season vigor
•    Excellent drought tolerance
•    Widely adapted across various soil types

Stealth-9814SSX – 114-day RM (SS)
•    Top-end yields in research, strip plots
•    Great plant health
•    Good corn-corn; good GLS tolerance
•    Broadly adapted through IA, IL, IN, OH

DKC64-69 – 114-day RM (PRO)
•    Excellent test weight
•    Very good heat tolerance
•    Very good staygreen, overall plant health
•    Excellent stalks; very good roots

DKC63-87 – 113-day RM (VT2P)
•    Excellent top-end yield potential
•    Good overall disease tolerance
•    Impressive root strength

DKC64-04 114-day RM (VT2P)
•    Excellent GLS, anthracnose tolerance
•    Very good drought tolerance
•    Excellent stalks; very good roots
•    Very good test weight, ear health

FS 64JV3 – 114-day RM (YGVT3)
•    Impressive yield performance over wide range of environments
•    Consistent, high-yielding hybrid with large, girthy ears
•    Excellent staygreen, intactness
•    Also have 64JV1 (VT2P)

FS 63MV4 – 113-day RM (PRO)
•    Outstanding yield potential, consistency for maturity
•    Above-average standability for both stalks, roots
•    Solid late-season agronomic package; intact at harvest
•    Girthy consistent ears with above-average grain quality

FS 66S41 – 116-day RM (GT/CB/LL)
•    Impressive yield ability in both low and high yield environments
•    Adapts to a wide variety of soil types, Top choice for grain or silage
•    Above average stalk and root strength; Exceptional late-season agronomic package
•    Above average grain quality and test weight

83R38-3000GT – 113-day RM
•    Strong emergence, seedling vigor
•    Very good root, stalk strength
•    Strong performance across various soil types

83M47GT/CB/LL  – 115-day RM
•    Strong emergence, seedling vigor for early planting
•    Solid agronomic disease package with exceptional staygreen
•    Well adapted to variable soil types, including poorly drained soils

83L67-3111 – 113-day RM
•    Very good staygreen, late-season plant intactness
•    Semi-flex ear type with very good test weight grain
•    Utilize normal planting populations for best performance

H-9173 3111  – 113-day RM
•    Flex ear hybrid performs across multiple environments
•    Good corn-corn choice with excellent emergence, seedling growth
•    Good stalk strength, staygreen
•    Late-season plant integrity

H-9429 3000GT – 115-day RM
•    Consistent top-end yields with excellent late-season plant integrity
•    Great option for corn-corn
•    Top choice for saturated soil types

H-9574 3111 – 116-day RM
•    Well adapted to drought-prone soils
•    Yields well in high-disease environments; low GLS tolerance
•    Stable plant, ear height across stress environments

6455 – 114-day RM (VT2P)
•    Widely adapted across soil types
•    Full flex ear with deep kernels
•    Very good emergence
•    Very good resistance to stalk rots

6576 – 115-day RM (VT2P)
•    Excellent stress tolerance
•    Very good plant health, staygreen
•    Excellent standability
•    Excellent late-season intactness

K4-9513 – 113-day RM (SS)
•    Excellent roots, stalks
•    Very good yield potential at all yield levels
•    Consistent performance across most soil types, cropping sequences
•    Use caution when applying ALS, growth regulator herbicides

K-7614 – 114-day RM (PRO)
•    Excellent yield potential
•    Very good stalks, roots
•    Moves north, south very well
•    Push plant populations for max performance

K-4014 – 114-day RM (VT2P)
•    Very good yield potential
•    Excellent roots, disease package
•    Consistent performance across most soil types, cropping sequences
•    Use caution when applying ALS herbicides

2V738 – 113-day RM (SS)
•    Combines high yield, excellent yield stability
•    Widely adapted east to west; moves north, south well within area of adaptation
•    Prefers corn-soybean environments; provides consistent corn-corn yield
•    Optimizes yield potential at higher plant densities

2P768 – 114-day RM (SS)
•    Excellent roots, staygreen, GLS tolerance
•    Delivers consistent yield performance over wide range of cropping rotations
•    Optimizes yield potential at higher plant densities
•    Prefers corn-soybean environments; maintains good performance after corn

2D775 – 114-day RM (SS)
•    Performs best at medium-high to high plant densities
•    Responds to top management – fertility, fungicide, irrigation
•    Widely adapted east to west across central Corn Belt
•    Works well in ridge-till where residue management needed

N77P-3111 – 114-day RM
•    Very good stalk strength enhances late-season intactness
•    Yields well in high-disease environments; low GLS tolerance
•    Ear flex allows normal to below-normal planting populations

N78N-3111 – 118-day RM
•    Solid agronomic package with excellent harvestability
•    Best placed on highly productive soils
•    Use moderate planting rates for best performance

N78W-GT/CB/LL – 115-day RM
•    Very good late-season standability
•    Excellent GLS tolerance
•    Very well adapted to drought prone soils

P1395AM1 – 113-day RM (AM1/LL/RR2)
•    Remarkable yield potential
•    Strong agronomics
•    Above-average disease tolerance

P1625HR – 116-day RM (HX1/LL/RR2)
•    Above-average heat, drought tolerance
•    Very good Goss' wilt resistance
•    Ideally suited to dryland, irrigated acres in western Corn Belt

P1615HR  – 116-day RM (HX1/LL/RR2)
•    Stalk strength, staygreen
•    Drought tolerance
•    GLS tolerance

W8437 – 115-day RM (PRO)
•    High-yielding hybrid with excellent standability
•    Consistent performance across environments, soil types
•    Early flowering for maturity spreads risk

W8430 – 114-day RM (RR2)
•    Solid performance characteristics of W8437
•    Excellent choice for refuge acres

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