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Corn+Soybean Digest

Home-Run Hybrids

Market prices, cold weather and late harvest may make you feel like you're striking out these days. Let Corn & Soybean Digest pinch-hit for you to take the pressure off your hybrid selection for next year. We asked major seed companies for their home-run hybrids, and have compiled them for you. Check out these top picks for the 2010 growing season.

This guide should be used as a starting point for selecting hybrids for next year. Be sure to also consider university, independent and company trial data when making your decisions.


Hybrids are listed alphabetically by company, grouped into three relative maturity (RM) zones:

EARLY SEASON (75-104 days)

MID-SEASON (105-112 days)

LATE SEASON (113-120 days)

Most herbicide and insect treatments are abbreviated. They include:

Agrisure 3000GT (3KGT)

Agrisure Corn Borer (CB)

Agrisure Glyphosate Tolerant (GT)

Agrisure Rootworm (RW)

Clearfield (CL)

Genuity SmartStax (SS)

Genuity VT3 Pro (PRO)

Herculex 1 (HX1)

Herculex XTRA (HXX)

Liberty Link (LL)

Roundup Ready (RR)

Roundup Ready 2 (RR2)

VecTran Triple (VT3)

YieldGard Corn Borer (YGCB)

YieldGard Plus (YG+)

YieldGard VT Triple (YGVT3)

Editor's Note: This list isn't intended to be comprehensive. Companies included on this list were identified through Corn & Soybean Digest's 2009 Reader Profile. The top companies named by growers are listed.



A6309 — 103-day RM (SS/VT3)

  • Consistent girthy ear style with fast drydown
  • Exceptional yield, profit potential in primary zone
  • Consistent yield levels across all environments
  • Harvest during first half of season

A6220 — 98-day RM (PRO)

  • Fast emergence, vigor allows planting in cool soil conditions
  • Very good late-season plant health, intactness
  • Versatile hybrid adapted to all production systems
  • Requires high populations for maximum performance

A6325 — 104-day RM (VT3/RWRR/YGCB/YG+/RR2)

  • Outstanding yield potential with fast drydown
  • Very good root strength
  • Strong emergence in cool, wet environments
  • Requires higher populations for optimum performance


4609HXR* 100-day RM (HXX/LL/RR)

  • Excellent stalk, root strength
  • Great drought tolerance
  • Shorter stature for northern Illinois

4413A3 98-day RM (3KGT/LL)

  • Strong emergence, vigor
  • Thrives in all soil types
  • Girthy ear

*XL Brand is distributed by Beck's Superior Hybrids, Inc.

CHANNEL (formerly NC+, Crow's, Midwest)

200-22STX 100-day RM (SS)

  • Likeable yield potential, consistency, trait package
  • Strong east-west fit; moves south well for early grain
  • Early planting leader; good choice for most soils, rotations
  • Quick drydown for early harvest; can grow where Goss' wilt is present

194-70STX 94-day RM (SS)

  • Solid yield performance potential with strong defensive trait package
  • Great choice for most yield environments
  • Trait strengths for corn-corn, reduced tillage, early planting
  • Harvest early/later with fast drydown, strong late-season intactness

190-21VT3P 90-day RM (PRO)

  • Potential top yield response for higher producing environments
  • Well adapted east to west in 85-90-RM growing areas
  • Works well for early planting, corn-corn, reduced tillage, most soils
  • Quick drydown; watch late-season intactness for best harvesttime


2738SS 87-day RM (SS)

  • High-yielding, early healthy female with northern male
  • Very good root, test weight
  • Moves north very well
  • Stalks are concern under late-season stress

5237SS 102-day RM (SS)

  • Strong drought tolerance
  • Exceptionally strong silking under stress
  • Top-end yield with consistent performance across all soil types, tillage systems
  • Western movement limited due to greensnap potential, below-average Goss' wilt resistance


Stealth-7790 90-day RM (HX1/LL/RR)

  • Strong yield potential
  • Very good late-season health, very strong roots
  • Shows strong performance from Wisconsin into Dakotas
  • Very consistent, stable hybrid

Stealth-9597Q 97-day RM (HXX/LL/RR)

  • Outstanding yield, agronomic performance
  • Performs particularly well where planted as mid-to full-season hybrid
  • Moves north very well
  • Racehorse hybrid; thrives and at top in optimum conditions

Stealth-9500SSX 100-day RM north/98-day RM central (SS)

  • Delivers top-end performance with east-to-west flexibility
  • Excellent seeding vigor in girthy-eared hybrid
  • Fast drydown
  • Top-end yields


DKC53-78 103-day RM (SS)

  • Vigorous emergence, early seedling growth
  • Very good greensnap tolerance
  • Strong late-season stalks, harvest appearance
  • Good choice for reduced tillage

DKC51-14 101-day RM (SS)

  • Impressive root, stalk strength
  • Consistent performer in tough environments
  • Good overall disease, drought tolerance
  • Attractive late-season intactness, staygreen

DKC46-07 96-day RM (SS)

  • Produces consistent yields across low/high-yielding environments
  • Strong roots, stalks
  • Very good greensnap tolerance
  • Adaptable to all crop rotations


FS 54SX1 104-day RM (SS)

  • 8-way stack for broadest above/below-ground insect control, weed protection
  • Outstanding yield performance over wide range of environments
  • Consistent product with excellent drought, stress tolerance
  • Solid late-season agronomic package; intact at harvest

FS 51SV3 101-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Excellent yield potential, consistency
  • Adapted to all crop rotations
  • Above-average stalk, root quality
  • Solid late-season agronomic package

FS 49SX1 99-day RM (SS)

  • 8-way stack for broadest above/below-ground insect control, weed protection
  • Exceptional yield performance in low/high-yield environments
  • Adapts well to most soil types; very good stalks, roots
  • Above-average test weight


88B37-3000GT 98-day RM (GT/CB/LL/RW)

  • Adaptable east to west, across various soil types
  • Excellent emergence, early vigor for early spring planting
  • Strong roots, stalks, dependable ear retention allow harvest options
  • Solid performance in high/low-yield environments

88E24-3000GT 95-day RM (GT/CB/LL/RW)

  • Strong emergence, early vigor for reduced tillage
  • Moves north, south of zone
  • Proven genetics for eastern, central Corn Belt
  • Glyphosate, glufosinate traits enhance herbicide choices

89S01-3000GT 83-day RM (GT/CB/LL/RW)

  • Lead genetics for RM across northern Corn Belt
  • Strong emergence, early vigor for reduced tillage
  • Versatile genetics allow for good movement east to west
  • Earlier flowering hybrid with quick grain set


H-7143 3000GT 97-day RM(3KGT, GT/CB/LL)

  • Good, consistent yield performance across many geographies
  • Very good late-season plant integrity
  • Solid agronomic package

H-7122 3000GT 96-day RM (3KGT)

  • Very good emergence, vigor for early planting
  • Good root strength, above-average stalk strength
  • Well adapted to western Corn Belt

H-6108 3000GT 82-day RM (3KGT, GT)

  • Extremely high yield potential for maturity
  • Very good emergence, seedling vigor
  • Very good test weight


4840VT3PRO 98-day RM (YGVT3 Pro)

  • Very good emergence, early seedling vigor
  • Very good plant health, staygreen
  • Medium to tall plant makes very good choice silage, grain
  • Large girthy ears; very good grain quality

5090G3VT3 100-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Very good plant health, staygreen
  • Medium to tall plant with large girthy ears; good choice for grain and silage
  • Very good roots, stalks
  • Adapted to wide range of soil types, tillage practices

5211GS 102-day RM (SS)

  • Very good emergence, early seedling vigor; good choice for no-till, cool soils
  • Very good plant heath, stalks
  • Excellent yield potential; excels in high management, highly productive soils
  • Medium to tall plant; good choice for grain, silage


K4-9200 100-day RM (SS)

  • Excellent yield stability
  • Excellent stalks, roots, test weight
  • Adapted from Wisconsin to Dakotas
  • Not recommended for use with isoxazole herbicides

K-6286VT3 86-day RM (VT3)

  • Excellent yield potential
  • Good choice for dual purpose
  • Adapted from Wisconsin to Dakotas
  • Push populations for maximum performance where soils allow

K-1286RR 86-day RM (RR)

  • Excellent yield potential
  • Good choice for dual purpose
  • Great refuge choice
  • Push populations for maximum performance where soils allow


2P486 97-day RM (SS)

  • Dependable
  • Fast late-season drydown
  • Solid root, stalk strength
  • Adapts to wide range of soils, management practices

22A551 103-day RM (HXX, LL, RR2)

  • New level of performance
  • Outstanding yield potential across wide range of soil types, conditions
  • Very good tolerance to northern corn leaf blight, Goss' wilt
  • Good drought-stress tolerance, resistance to greensnap

2C441 97-day RM (HXX, LL, RR2)

  • Excellent agronomics, economics
  • Strong stalk, roots
  • Excellent grain drydown, ear retention
  • Excellent grain quality


N34N 95-day RM (3KGT)

  • Excellent top-end yield performance with solid agronomics
  • Strong emergence; solid disease package
  • Strong late-season plant health ensures good standability
  • Top choice for reduced tillage

N39Z 98-day RM (3KGT)

  • Widely adapted with early flowering, drought tolerance
  • Early flowering helps spread pollination risk
  • Short-statured with excellent drought tolerance; excels in variable yield environments
  • Good staygreen, late-season intactness for dependable standability

N19G 84-day RM (3KGT, GT)

  • Genetic diversity with broad adaptation
  • Expect top-end performance
  • Improved test weight and grain quality
  • Excellent emergence; good late-season standability


P9512XR^ 95-day RM (HXX/LL/RR2)

  • New platform for 95-day RM zone
  • Predicts above average for mid-season brittle stalk resistance, stalk strength, drought tolerance

P0125HR 100-day RM (HX1,LL,RR2)

  • Tall, 100-day-RM platform; strong agronomics
  • Good choice for grain, silage applications

P0461XR^ 104-day RM (HXX,LL,RR2)

  • Widely adapted hybrid
  • Produces large, girthy ear with high yield potential

^Although fully approved in the U.S., Canada and Japan, grain and certain grain by-products from THESE HYBRIDS MAY NOT BE APPROVED for all markets.


W 7085VT3 84-day RM (VT3)

  • Adapts to stress-prone environments
  • Girthy ear maintains a consistent size
  • Finishes early with quick drydown period
  • Prefers to stay north of I94 as full-season hybrid

W 8180STX 95-day RM (SS)

  • Strong early season vigor, cold soil tolerance
  • Early flowering hybrid exhibiting good test weight
  • Excellent root strength
  • Best managed at medium-high/high populations

W 7360VT3 103-day RM (VT3)

  • Outstanding emergence, rapid early season growth
  • Excels on lighter soils, adapts to all
  • Responds to high population, fertility management
  • Solid disease package


W2751 102-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Great combination of top-end yields, rapid drydown
  • Widely adaptable across soil types, including lighter soils
  • Very good drought tolerance
  • Handles higher populations for more dollars/acre

W1948 98-day RM (SS)

  • Strong yield performance, exceptional drydown
  • Strong yield-to-moisture ratios
  • Stable across soil types, stress environments
  • Maintains yield potential on corn-corn

W1721 96-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Outstanding yield potential in maturity
  • Very good early vigor, fast canopy development
  • Impressive drydown of high test weight grain
  • Stable across environments



A6458 110-day RM (VT3/RR)

  • Excellent health, staygreen, late-season plant intactness
  • Outstanding yield potential with strong agronomic package
  • Very good emergence, early vigor
  • Average test weight, grain quality

A6478 111-day RM (Conventional)

  • Outstanding yield performance across variable environments
  • Excellent health, staygreen, late-season plant intactness
  • Above-average grain quality, high test weight
  • Requires insecticide for optimum performance

A6489 112-day RM (VT3/RR)

  • Outstanding yield potential with strong agronomic package
  • Consistent performance in all cropping systems
  • High test weight, above-average grain quality
  • Average drydown due to late-season plant health


5454HXR* 110-day RM (HXX/LL/RR)

  • Also available as Roundup Ready
  • Outstanding yield
  • Dominates in good soils
  • Great late-season plant health

5354HXR* 107-day RM (HXX/LL/RR)

  • Also available as conventional or Roundup Ready
  • Top-end yield
  • Handles all soil types
  • Good test weight

5676HXR* 112-day RM (HXX/LL/RR)

  • Also available as conventional or Roundup Ready
  • Excellent performer in stress soils
  • Great drought tolerance
  • Very hardy plant

*XL Brand is distributed by Beck's Superior Hybrids, Inc.

CHANNEL (formerly NC+, Crow's, Midwest)

207-07STX 107-day RM (SS)

  • New yield leader
  • Adapted to Iowa, east and to northeast Nebraska, eastern South Dakota
  • Good for early planting, reduced tillage, most rotations
  • Fast drydown after maturity for early harvest window

208-72VT3 108-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Top-end yield punch with consistency across wide area
  • Widely adapted from Mississippi River and west; moves south well
  • Early plant option for most soils, tillage; good for corn-corn
  • Great for later harvest with good staygreen and intactness; good choice for areas with Goss' wilt

210-57STX 110-day RM (SS)

  • Top-end yield potential raises bar
  • Well adapted east to west; moves south well
  • Recommended for early planting, most rotations, soils, tillage
  • Good harvest window; can grow where gray leaf spot and Goss' wilt present


5757VT3 106-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Excellent yield, stalks, roots, test weight, greensnap tolerance
  • Adaptable across Corn Belt with ability to move south of maturity zone, especially west
  • Strong flex ear
  • Adaptable across wide range of soils, populations from 25,000 to 35,000

6178VT3P 112-day RM (PRO)

  • High yield potential, excellent roots
  • Exceptional heat, stress tolerance
  • Girthy ear type with some flex in diameter
  • Prefers medium to medium-high populations


Stealth-9206SSX 106-day north/104-day central RM (SS)

  • Excellent yield potential
  • Very wide area of adaptability leading to consistent performance
  • Features very good fall health, integrity at harvesttime
  • Part of the “206 Family” hybrid

Stealth-9208Q 108-day north/106-day central RM (HXX/LL/RR)

  • Long, girthy ears with high ear flex capability
  • Dynamic yield potential
  • Excellent early plant establishment, vigor
  • Superb soil adaptation

Stealth-9810 110-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Very good east-to-west movement
  • Outstanding yield potential
  • Tall, robust hybrid with great standability
  • Consistent performance over variety of locations, environments.


DKC57-50 107-day RM (YGVT3/RR2)

  • Responds favorably to high plant densities
  • Rugged drought, stress tolerance
  • Remarkable late-season stalks, plant integrity
  • Fits in wide range of soil types

DKC59-35 109-day RM (YGVT3/RR2)

  • Strong roots, late-season stalks
  • Good drought, greensnap tolerance
  • Very good overall disease tolerance
  • Attractive staygreen, harvest appearance

DKC55-09 105-day RM (SS)

  • Excellent emergence; good early season vigor
  • Superior roots, good stalks
  • Very good greensnap, drought tolerance
  • A good choice for reduced tillage, early planting


FS 62JX1 102-day RM (SS)

  • 8-way stack for broadest above/below-ground insect control, weed protection
  • Outstanding yield performance in low/high-yield environments
  • Above-average standability for roots, stalks
  • Consistent results over wide range of tillage, soils

FS 61BX1 101-day RM (SS)

  • 8-way stack for broadest above/below-ground insect control, weed protection
  • Outstanding yield potential for maturity
  • Best positioned in high-yield environments
  • Very good root strength; average stalk strength; harvest when ready

FS 60S44 110-day RM (3KGT)

  • Very good top-end yield potential under wide range of tillage, soils
  • Excellent emergence, early vigor
  • Above-average drought, stress tolerance
  • Good late-season staygreen, intactness


85E98-3000GT 108-day RM (GT/CB/LL/RW)

  • Superb late-season plant health, stability
  • Dependable performance at medium to high plant populations
  • Strong performance in and north of zone
  • Outstanding emergence and early vigor make proven no-till hybrid

85V88-3000GT 107-day RM (GT/CB/LL/RW)

  • Solid results in multiple plant populations with dependable ear flex
  • Outstanding performance from east to west
  • Excellent plant health for grain, silage
  • Glyphosate, glufosinate traits enhance herbicide choices

83T94GT/CB/LL 113-day RM (GT/CB/LL)

  • Strong emergence, early vigor make this good for all tillage
  • Excellent disease package for corn-corn
  • Very good late-season agronomics, standability
  • Provides season-long protection from European corn borer


H-8577 3000GT 108-day RM (3KGT, GT/CB/LL)

  • Widely adapted across many yield environments
  • Very good emergence, vigor
  • Good late-season plant intactness

H-9084GT/CB/LL 112-day RM (GT/CB/LL)

  • Widely adapted hybrid with girthy ear
  • Good emergence, early seedling vigor
  • Very good tolerance to most major leaf diseases

H-8672 3000GT 109-day RM (3KGT, GT)

  • Excellent top-end yield potential on highly productive soils
  • Outstanding stalk strength, staygreen promotes late-season plant intactness
  • Tall hybrid with dual purpose silage, grain potential


5783G3VT3 107-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Excellent emergence, early vigor is good for corn-corn and no-till
  • Very good plant health, staygreen
  • Excellent standability, fall intactness
  • Adapted across many soil types but excels in highly productive soils, high management situations

5939G3VT3 109-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Widely adapted, high-yielding 109-day hybrid
  • Moves across wide variety of soils, tillage situations
  • Large girthy ear with deep kernels, very good flex for good performance in lower population situations
  • Very good plant health, standability

6043GS 110-day RM (SS)

  • Widely adapted 110-day hybrid
  • Very good emergence, early vigor
  • Moves across variety of soil types
  • Very good ear flex, standability


K4-9205 105-day RM (SS)

  • Excellent top-end yield potential
  • Very good root strength, drought tolerance
  • Very fast drydown
  • Good choice for full-season product in 100-105-day market

K4-9410 110-day RM (SS)

  • Excellent top-end yield potential
  • Very good roots, greensnap tolerance
  • Adapted from Illinois to Nebraska
  • Position on better soils to take advantage of yield potential

K-6408VT3 108-day RM (VT3)

  • Very high top-end potential
  • Very good greensnap tolerance
  • Adapted from Illinois to Nebraska
  • Manage for top-end yield performance for dryland, irrigated


1012SS 109-day RM (SS)

  • Excellent yield potential; exceptional drydown
  • Favorable response to fungicide in corn-corn
  • Reduced refuge requirement (5%)

WX1120VT3 105-112-day RM (Waxy, YGVT3)

  • Excellent yield potential in adapted zone
  • Very good ear flex, drought tolerance
  • New-generation waxy genetics; available in Roundup Ready
  • Very good drydown for waxy product; good choice for early planting.

1111 105-112-day RM (Conventional)

  • New conventional corn product that replaces Lewis 6442 with impressive yield potential
  • Excellent test weight
  • Excellent grain quality


2D692 109-day RM (SS)

  • Great central, eastern Corn Belt performance
  • Excellent yields in high-yield environments
  • Ear consistency allows for high plant densities
  • Solid agronomics, disease resistance

2J597 105-day RM (SS)

  • Excellent yields, eye appeal
  • Medium-tall hybrid; excellent yield potential
  • Very good tolerance to northern corn leaf blight
  • Widely adapted east of I35

2K679 109-day RM (SS)

  • Top-end yield performance
  • Responds well to high fertility, irrigation
  • Widely adapted across 110-day growing regions
  • Great late season health, staygreen


N61P 108-day RM (3KGT)

  • Elite genetics, solid agronomics for superior yield performance
  • Broad adaptability across Corn Belt
  • Excellent plant health, drought tolerance
  • Ear flex makes it a good choice for all management practices

N72K 112-day RM (GT/CB/LL)

  • Outstanding yield performance; excellent ear flex
  • Superior yield potential with genetic diversity for high-yield environments
  • Great combination of plant health, stalks, harvestability
  • Early flowering hybrid with excellent drydown

N63R 109-day RM (3KGT, GT)

  • Excellent top-end yield supported by solid agronomic package
  • Very good emergence, seedling vigor
  • Solid stalk strength with strong disease package
  • Superb late-season plant health, standability


P0528XR^ 105-day RM (HXX,LL,RR2)

  • Exciting new hybrid; short plant height
  • Solid root strength, drought tolerance

P0916XR^ 109-day RM (HXX,LL,RR2)

  • New leader triple-stack for the 108-RM zone
  • Strong agronomics
  • Predicts above-average for stalk strength

P1236XR^ 112-day RM (HXX,LL,RR2)

  • Performs best on more productive soils

^Although fully approved in the U.S., Canada and Japan, grain and certain grain by-products from THESE HYBRIDS MAY NOT BE APPROVED for all markets.


W 7455VT3 107-day RM (VT3)

  • Prefers silt loam, clay loam soil types
  • Good choice for narrow rows
  • Best in conventional, minimum tillage
  • Medium plant height

W 7469VT3 109-day RM (VT3)

  • Excels under irrigation when managed for top performance
  • Adapts to all tillage practices
  • Great overall standability
  • Girthy ear with great ear flex potential


W6261 109-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Stable, high yields plus root, stalk strength
  • Very early flowering for maturity
  • Rugged plant with good disease tolerance
  • Highly recommended for corn-corn

W5051 107-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Solid yield performer with excellent drydown
  • Adaptable across soil types
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Higher populations provide extra yield punch

W6871 110-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Exceptional yield stability in a solid-performing hybrid
  • Impressive early canopy
  • Excellent yield-to-moisture ratios
  • Engineered for tough soils



A6533 113-day RM (VT3/RR/CL)

  • Outstanding yield potential under high management
  • Ideal combination of yield potential, agronomics
  • Consistent girthy ears with deep kernels
  • Average test weight

A6632 115-day RM (PRO/VT3/CBCL/CL)

  • Excellent agronomic package makes this a strong hybrid
  • Above-average late-season plant intactness
  • Adapted to wide range of soils
  • Average test weight

A6639 115-day RM (SS/VT3/CBRR/RR)

  • Excellent health, staygreen, late-season plant intactness
  • Adapted to various soils, environments
  • Excellent test weight, food-grain quality
  • Average drydown


6363HXR* 113-day RM (HXX/LL/RR)

  • Outstanding yield for medium- to high-productivity soils
  • Excellent root strength
  • Good corn-corn product

6288A3 113-day RM (3KGT/LL)

  • Also available as Bt1 (CB/LL) or Clearfield
  • Strong plant health
  • Responds to high populations
  • Excellent stress corn

6528 113-day RM (Conventional)

  • Strong stress tolerance
  • Outstanding plant health
  • Great ear flex

*XL Brand is distributed by Beck's Superior Hybrids, Inc.

CHANNEL (formerly NC+, Crow's, Midwest)

213-32VT3 113-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Excellent top-end yield potential for higher-producing fields
  • Well adapted east to west and for Midsouth
  • Good for early planting, corn-corn, most tillage
  • Flexible harvest window with excellent late-season intactness

216-63VT3 116-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Strong, stable yield potential
  • Well adapted to wide variety of growing conditions from central Nebraska to East Coast
  • Plant early where full-season option
  • Good late-season plant health, intactness for later harvest window

215-11VT3 115-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Exceptional yield potential with strong, defensive trait package
  • Adapted from Nebraska to eastern Corn Belt, Midsouth areas
  • Excellent for early planting, reduced tillage, corn-corn
  • Good for gray leaf spot areas with more flexible harvest window


6286VT3P 113-day RM (PRO)

  • High yield potential
  • Recommended for highly productive acres to express top-end performance
  • Large flex ear with high yield potential at populations of 28,000-32,000
  • Needs high fertility to minimize standability issues


Stealth-9313 113-day RM (YGVT3)

  • High-energy hybrid with outstanding grain production capability
  • Noted for superior early plant vigor
  • Genetics withstand pressures of drought
  • Performance is solid in various soil types while favoring loams, sands

Stealth-9414Q 114-day RM (HX1/LL/RR)

  • Racehorse yields, very good agronomics
  • Top-end yield potential
  • Ability to stay healthy throughout season in very stressful conditions
  • Part of the “414” family

Stealth-9214SSX 114-day RM (SS)

  • Strong yields at lower populations
  • Very good early vigor
  • Moves south well
  • Performs best on loams, sands


DKC63-85 113-day RM (SS)

  • Excellent top-end yield potential
  • Position on most productive soil types
  • Impressive root strength
  • Good overall disease tolerance

DKC66-96 116-day RM (PRO)

  • Broad adaptability east to west
  • Strong stalks, roots
  • Excellent greensnap, overall disease tolerance
  • Very good late-season plant integrity, grain quality

DKC68-05 118-day RM (PRO)

  • Consistent high yield performance across wide geography
  • Excellent emergence, seedling vigor
  • Good staygreen, overall plant health
  • Outstanding root, stalk strength


FS 65BV3 115-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Outstanding yield potential, consistency
  • Best positioned in high-yield environments
  • Full-season hybrid with ability to move north
  • Semi-flex ear allows for lower populations on less-productive soils

FS 65U21 115-day RM (CB/LL)

  • Impressive yield in both low/high-yield environments
  • Consistent performance over broad range of tillage, soils
  • Outstanding stalk, root strength
  • Solid late-season agronomic package

FS 65A00 115 day RM (Conventional)

  • Exceptional yield potential, consistency for maturity
  • Adapts to wide variety of soil types
  • Very good stalks, roots; solid late-season agronomic package
  • Most impressive at harvest for non-traited hybrid


83P07GT/CB/LL 115-day RM (GT/CB/LL)

  • Very good performance in central, western Corn Belt
  • Drydown with standability that allows for harvest options
  • Provides season-long protection from European corn borer
  • Herbicide flexibility with Agrisure GT and LibertyLink

83S06-3000GT 114-day RM (GT/CB/LL/RW)

  • Dependable performance across soil types
  • Excellent tolerance to moisture stress
  • Very good choice for all crop rotational systems
  • Flexible ear type for variable populations

82R05-3000GT 116-day RM (GT/CB/LL/RW)

  • High-yielding performance across soil types
  • Fits all crop rotations including corn-corn
  • Very good grain quality
  • Best performance at high plant populations


H-9377GT/CB/LL 115-day RM (GT/CB/LL, GT)

  • Excellent staygreen, late-season plant health
  • Very widely adapted hybrid
  • Very good late-season standability

H-9173 3000GT 113-day RM (3KGT)

  • High-yielding hybrid; performs well across multiple environments
  • Very good tolerance to gray leaf spot, other leaf diseases
  • Good stalk strength, staygreen contribute to good late-season plant integrity

H-9180GT/CB/LL 113-day RM (GT/CB/LL)

  • Very good early vigor, good emergence allow for early planting
  • Very good root strength ensures season-long standability
  • Good stalk strength, staygreen contribute to late-season intactness


6455G3VT3 114-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Widely adapted across different soil types, previous crops, tillage
  • Very good emergence makes it good choice for no-till
  • Very good tolerance to stalk rots
  • Full-flex hybrid with very good kernel depth


K-6214VT3 114-day RM (VT3)

  • Excellent yield potential
  • Very good stalks, roots
  • Adapted from Illinois to Nebraska
  • Push populations to maximize production

K-1113RR 113-day RM (RR)

  • Consistent yield performance
  • Very good stress tolerance with excellent disease package
  • Adapted from Illinois, Nebraska
  • Moves south very well due to plant health


1013VT3 113-120-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Versatility at its best
  • Excellent yield potential with very good stalks, roots
  • Works very well in corn-corn
  • Good grain quality

1014 113-120-day RM (Conventional)

  • Conventional offering that is a step up in yield over Lewis 813
  • Excellent test weight, grain quality makes this a potential successor to Lewis 6442
  • Expect additional yield, faster drydown over Lewis 6442


2D771 114-day RM (HXX, LL, RR2)

  • Exciting yields, dependable agronomics
  • Widely adapted across central Corn Belt
  • Great drought tolerance
  • Very strong Goss' wilt tolerance, moderate gray leaf spot tolerance

2T784 114-day RM (SS)

  • Huge ears
  • Long, girthy ears bring outstanding yields
  • Widely adapted across central Corn Belt
  • Responds to intensive management

2G817 115-day RM (SS)

  • Solid, high-yielding hybrid
  • Adapted from east to west
  • Great late-season plant health, standability
  • Excellent test weight, grain quality


N82V 117-day RM (3KGT, GT)

  • Excellent performance across southern Corn Belt
  • Top choice for highly productive soils
  • Good late-season plant health, agronomics
  • Tall robust plant with flex ear

N72Q 112-day RM (3KGT, CB/LL/RW, GT)

  • Powerful disease protection for top yields
  • Good corn-corn choice with excellent emergence, seedling growth
  • Strong disease package including resistance to gray leaf spot
  • Great combination of high yield, plant health, stalks, harvestability

N77H 115-day RM (3KGT)

  • Consistent top-end yields with excellent late-season plant health
  • Widely adapted hybrid with good gray leaf spot resistance
  • Excellent staygreen, late-season intactness
  • Tall hybrid with very strong stalks


P1395XR^ 113-day RM (HXX,LL,RR2)

  • Great yield potential
  • Strong agronomics, disease tolerance
  • Improved stalk, root strength for maturity

33F88^ 114-day RM (HXX,LL,RR2)

  • Full-season hybrid
  • High yield performance

P1508HR 115-day RM (HX1,LL,RR2)

  • Early-silking 115-RM zone platform
  • Can be positioned with fuller-season package options
  • Includes strong disease-resistance package

^Although fully approved in the U.S., Canada and Japan, grain and certain grain by-products from THESE HYBRIDS MAY NOT BE APPROVED for all markets.


W9128 117-day RM (SS)

  • Extremely high-yielding hybrid with excellent roots
  • Very good anthracnose and gray leaf spot tolerance
  • Highly recommended for corn-corn
  • Will stand until ready to harvest

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