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Wheat seed treatment products from Chemtura

Wheat seed treatment products from Chemtura

The use of seed treatments in wheat has increased. Chemtura AgroSolutions now offers four Rancona seed enhancement products for broad-spectrum control of seed and seedling diseases, as well as some formulations with insecticides.  

The use of seed treatments has grown in the wheat market, especially with the introduction of four Rancona seed treatments from Chemtura AgroSolutions. The Rancona products feature the use of ipconazole, a broad-spectrum and seed-friendly fungicide.

Ipconazole has activity on four of the five classes of pathogens causing disease on wheat and barley seed and seedlings. A particular strength is against Fusarium, Rhizoctonia and smuts. It is used in combination with metalaxyl for control of Pythium.

Chemtura’s Rancona products with ipconazole were developed exclusively as seed treatments. “Usually, fungicides are not developed unless it’s used for more than a seed treatment,” explains John Kibbee, Chemtura seed enhancement product development. “But seed treatments are significant crop protection products so they warrant exclusive seed treatment use.”

These are the Rancona products:

- Rancona Pinnacle is a fungicide-only seed treatment with ipconazole and metalaxyl for a full spectrum of disease protection. Kibbee says it offers exceptional seed safety, with no delay in emergence or stunting of plants.

Pinnacle also features a unique microdispersion formulation. Kibbee says a typical flowable suspension includes extremely fine particles. But a microdispersion formulation has particles that are thousands of times finer to better cover the seed and prevent equipment problems, he says.

- Rancona Crest has the added protection of imidacloprid for control of significant insect pests like aphids, grasshoppers and white grubs. Crest is a flowable formulation.

- Rancona Crest WR has a lower rate of imidacloprid to provide protection against wireworms in spring wheat.  

- Rancona 3.8 FS is a concentrated, commercial formulation used by seed producers.

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