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New Vibrance fungicide seed treatment available from Syngenta

New Vibrance fungicide seed treatment available from Syngenta

Syngenta just received EPA approval for a new fungicide that is specifically a seed treatment targeted for root health. The new seed treatment/fungicide called Vibrance is registered for use on cereals, soybeans and canola.

The active ingredient is sedaxane, which offers a new mode of action. Through this new mode of action from the SDHI class of fungicides, sedaxane provides disease protection that aids root health, which Syngenta calls Rooting Power. It helps plants emerge evenly, grow strong and deliver consistent yields. 

“Syngenta scientists and researchers around the globe have been analyzing interactions between roots, diseases, moisture efficiency and nutrient utilization,” explained Palle Pedersen, seedcare technology manager, Syngenta. “We are learning that a simple act like effectively protecting crop roots from disease with a quality seed treatment fungicide like Vibrance can have an enormous impact on the overall health of the plant.”

Vibrance contributes to a healthier crop by starting at the roots. It provides protection against devastating soilborne diseases like Rhizoctonia root rot, which can wreak havoc on crops if it’s able to take over a field. It also works against other yield-robbing diseases like true loose smut in barley to protect roots and help ensure consistent yield performance.

The active ingredient sedaxane complements other Syngenta seed treatments in cereals, soybeans and canola and is applied at a low use rate. Based on regional pest issues and other geography-related concerns, Vibrance will be marketed in cereal crops as follows:

CruiserMaxx Vibrance Cereals seed treatment insecticide/fungicide will be available for application on-farm, on-site or through certified commercial treaters. This will replace the current CruiserMaxx Cereals seed treatment insecticide/fungicide formulation.

Vibrance Extreme seed treatment fungicide will replace the current Dividend Extreme seed treatment fungicide formulation and will be available for application by certified treaters across the United States.

Vibrance will only be available in the Pacific Northwest through application by certified treaters.

In 2013, CruiserMaxx Beans insecticide/fungicide, an on-seed application of one or more separately registered products, and Vibrance fungicide seed treatment will be available to elevate the level of disease protection in soybeans. It will provide added seed protection against seed decay, seedling blight and damping-off caused by Rhizoctonia solani.

Syngenta first launched Vibrance in Argentina last year. With EPA's approval, the product will be launched for use next year. Syngenta adds that state registrations may still be pending so growers should check with their state regulatory agency.

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