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Seed stacks dominate

GROWERS face a wide selection of seed products for next season. Seed companies recently announced the release of their new 2006 corn hybrids and soybean varieties. Technology traits continue to dominate the market, but companies also are promoting strong agronomic traits. Here's a look at the offerings from several companies.

Dairyland Seed

This West Bend, WI, seed company offers 17 new soybean varieties — eight with Roundup Ready (RR) and STS herbicide tolerance, including Group 0 and Group 1 varieties. The stacked-trait soybean varieties may be used with a tankmix of Roundup and Harmony GT at the expanded use rate. The other new varieties may include Roundup tolerance, extensive soybean cyst nematode protection, and tolerance to Phytophthora, white mold, iron chlorosis and brown stem rot.

Dairyland Seed introduces 21 new corn hybrids, including triple-stack numbers with RR, YieldGard corn borer and rootworm protection, double-stack numbers with RR and YieldGard, and single-trait numbers with RR, YieldGard corn borer and YieldGard rootworm. For more information, visit


The new Elite soybean varieties under Monsanto's brands focus on high yields along with plant health traits. The Asgrow brand includes 15 new products, and the DeKalb brand has seven new products.

Company literature states that in 1,300 field comparisons conducted on the new Asgrow Elite varieties last year, Asgrow yielded 3.5 bu. more per acre than the leading competitors' brands.

The Asgrow brand includes new varieties in many of the maturity groups that may include the RR trait, Phytophthora tolerance, protection against brown stem rot, iron chlorosis tolerance, resistance to soybean cyst nematode and frogeye leaf spot tolerance. For more information, visit

NC+ Hybrids

The company's new product lineup includes 40 corn hybrids with nine of them stacked, 11 new soybean varieties and a new hybrid alfalfa.

The new triple-stacked corn hybrids include RR, YieldGard corn borer and YieldGard rootworm protection traits. All of these new hybrids will include a seed treatment. The new soybean varieties are all RR varieties. NC+ also introduces its first hybrid alfalfa called Hybri+ 421 into the market next year.

NC+ is owned by the Monsanto subsidiary Channel Bio Corporation. For more information, visit

Golden Harvest Seeds

A lineup that includes 53 new hybrids with advanced technology and 13 new conventional corn hybrids is available from Golden Harvest Seeds, a Syngenta-affiliated company. The new hybrids feature Agrisure CB for protection against corn borer, Agrisure GT for glyphosate tolerance and Herculex I insect protection technology for protection against a broad spectrum of pests. Some new hybrids also include the RR, YieldGard corn borer and YieldGard corn rootworm protection traits and resistance to LibertyLink herbicide.

Golden Harvest also will offer soybean growers the RR technology through Golden Harvest brand soybeans as well as the NK and Gutwein brands. For more information, visit

Fontanelle Hybrids

Recently purchased by Monsanto, the seed company Fontanelle, based in Ceresco, NE, features 30 new products for 2006. Included among the new releases are YieldGard Plus RR 2 triple-stack hybrids, YieldGard corn borer RR 2 stacked hybrids, and LibertyLink, Herculex and YieldGard corn borer hybrids. Eight new soybean varieties include the RR trait, and a new alfalfa variety contains the RR trait, also. For more information, visit

FS Seed

FS Seed of Bloomington, IL, features 33 new corn hybrids and 12 new soybean varieties in its 2006 seed catalogs. This marks the 40th year that FS Seed has sold its proprietary soybean line of HiSoy products. Many of the new soybean products with HiSoy may include the RR trait plus resistance to soybean cyst nematode, brown stem rot, Phytophthora root rot, sudden death syndrome and frogeye leaf spot.

The new corn hybrids include double and triple stacks with the RR trait, the YieldGard corn borer trait and the YieldGard Plus trait with both corn borer and corn rootworm protection. For more information, visit

NK Brand Seeds

Ten years ago, NK Brand launched hybrids with the new corn borer resistance trait (Bt corn). For 2006, the company is launching another new line of hybrids with the Agrisure traits. Some 24 hybrids will be sold in this line, with Agrisure CB for corn borer resistance and/or Agrisure GT for glyphosate tolerance. These new hybrids are part of NK Brand's 2006 seed portfolio with a total of 36 new hybrids. Besides the Agrisure traits, LibertyLink technology is available in some of the hybrids. Cruiser Extreme Pack CRW (corn rootworm) seed treatment also is available.

NK Brand offers 17 new soybean varieties, all with the RR technology. The company also offers soybean seed treatment with Cruiser Maxx Pak or ApronMaxx.

NK Brand Seeds is a division of Syngenta. For more information, visit

Garst Seed Company

Based in Slater, IA, Garst Seed Company offers 31 new corn hybrids and 18 new soybean varieties for 2006. Nine of the new hybrids contain Agrisure traits including the CB trait for corn borer resistance, the GT trait for glyphosate tolerance and the stacked CB/LL trait for corn borer protection and LibertyLink tolerance. The Agrisure traits range from 104- to 112-day maturity hybrids. Garst's other corn products range from 76- to 118-day maturities.

The new Garst brand soybean varieties include 15 with the RR trait, seven of which also offer resistance to soybean cyst nematode and one with the CystX technology. For more information, visit

Mycogen Seeds

The 2006 Mycogen product guide includes a number of new grain corn hybrids, new corn-silage hybrids and new soybean varieties.

Brand new to Mycogen are hybrids with the new Herculex RW trait for rootworm protection. This trait recently received regulatory approval and Mycogen is one of three companies selling it in 2006. The extensive corn hybrid list includes Herculex I insect protection with tolerance to over-the-top applications of Liberty herbicide, RR herbicide tolerance and YieldGard corn borer protection. The new corn-silage hybrids are under the Silage-Specific line that includes Herculex I insect protection and RR herbicide tolerance.

Mycogen's soybean varieties are under the Atlas brand and include RR herbicide tolerance. Mycogen says its relative maturity Group 00 soybean has tolerance to iron deficiency chlorosis and white mold.

Mycogen Seeds is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical Company. For more information, visit

Pioneer Hi-Bred International

The leader in the corn and soybean seed markets recently announced its second commercialized trait. The new trait is Herculex RW rootworm insect protection and it joins the Herculex I corn borer product that Pioneer introduced in 2004. Both traits were developed with Dow AgroSciences. Herculex RW is available alone and stacked with RR. Pioneer also expects to receive approval this winter for Herculex Xtra, a stack with both traits. All products with Herculex, including Herculex I, also offer the LibertyLink trait.

Pioneer introduces 22 new M-series soybean varieties that feature resistance to soybean cyst nematode and Phytophthora root rot as well as tolerance to sudden death syndrome and iron chlorosis. Varieties range in maturity from Group 00 to Group VI and are RR. For more information, visit

Fielder's Choice Direct

Seed offerings from Fielder's Choice, a direct-to-the-farm retailer, include 37 new hybrids for 2006. The company says it offers every technology trait on the market today, including RR, YieldGard corn borer, YieldGard corn rootworm, YieldGard Plus, Clearfield, LibertyLink and Herculex. Maturity levels range from 80 to 119 days.

Fielder's Choice is part of the Landec Ag group of companies. For more information, visit

Heartland Hybrids

The direct-to-the-farm retailer seed company is selling 27 new Heartland Hybrids and eight new Prideland brand soybean varieties. New hybrids include triple-stacked combinations of RR, YieldGard corn borer and YieldGard corn rootworm and hybrids with LibertyLink and Herculex traits. Maturity ranges from 79 to 119 days.

Heartland Hybrids was acquired by Landec Ag. For more information, call 800/883-0892 or visit

Hubner Seed Company

Head-quartered in West Lebanon, IN, Hubner Seed offers 22 new corn hybrids, five new soybean varieties and three new wheat varieties for 2006. Four of the new soybean varieties include RR and cyst nematode resistance. For more information, visit



GROWERS PURCHASING Pioneer Hi-Bred hybrids with Poncho seed treatment will receive a new seed-applied Dynasty fungicide with it. Dynasty along with either Poncho 250 or 1250 insecticide provides a wide range of early-season protection, according to Pioneer. The company suggests using the Poncho and Dynasty protection in reduced-tillage systems and for early planting.

The treatment package of Dynasty fungicide includes Maxim XL fungicide and a new seed treatment polymer to improve seed plantability and to reduce dust-off. The Dynasty-Maxim XL combination from Syngenta supplies a higher level of activity on Fusarium and Pythium.

For more information, visit


SYNGENTA SEEDS' new Agrisure corn traits allow growers to plant herbicide-tolerant and insect-resistant hybrids with a full range of assurances that don't limit growers' glyphosate brand selection. Agrisure GT (glyphosate tolerance), Agrisure CB (season-long corn borer protection) and Agrisure GT/CB (a stacked combination of these two traits) will be available in corn hybrids from NK Brand, Garst, Golden Harvest and more than 50 other seed brands.

Agrisure traits are supported by Replant and Trait/Crop Loss Assurances, which protect growers from losses due to poor crop establishment that results in crop replanting or crop loss, and a Trait Investment Loss Assurance, which protects growers from losses prior to planting. Hybrids with Agrisure GT also come with a Volunteer GT Corn Assurance that manages volunteer Agrisure GT corn in the following year's glyphosate-tolerant soybean rotation.

Agrisure traits that will be available in 2006 are:

  • Agrisure GT — provides tolerance to in-crop applications of glyphosate-based herbicides, at even six times the labeled rate.

  • Agrisure CB — controls European corn borer and has tolerance to Liberty herbicide.

  • Agrisure GT/CB — stacks glyphosate tolerance and Bt corn borer protection into a single hybrid.

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