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Science shows plant performance boost from Quadris

Quadris® has earned its excellent reputation for powerful, broad-spectrum disease control of all four classes of fungi. Labeled for use on tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, leafy vegetables, bulb vegetables, cucurbits, and legumes, Quadris has become the standard for disease control. But Quadris does more than fight disease. Research studies show that Quadris delivers enhanced Plant Performance™, boosted by what Syngenta calls “The Quadris X-Factor™.”

“The ‘X’ in ‘Quadris X-Factor’ refers to the xylem-mobile activity of azoxystrobin, which efficiently distributes the fungicide throughout treated plants for consistent performance in both old and new tissue,” notes Jamie Eichorn, Syngenta fungicide brand manager. “The systemic activity of Quadris then defends each plant against a broad spectrum of fungi, while it also enhances Plant Performance by affecting certain physiological processes that increase green leaf area retention and improve the plant’s photosynthetic ability.”

Eichorn lists four key Plant Performance advantages that Quadris has been shown to confer to treated crops:

· Inhibiting the release of ethylene, which preserves green leaf area and allows crops to photosynthesize longer;

· Increasing water use efficiency by decreasing transpiration, making crops more tolerant to extreme water loss and water stress;

· Improving CO2 assimilation, increasing the efficiency of photosynthesis and yielding healthier plants;

· Protecting crops with broad-spectrum, long-lasting disease control.

“In the end, it’s all about giving the crop every possible advantage to allow it to photosynthesize more, to stay healthier longer, and to produce the yield and quality that make a crop profitable,” says Eichorn. “Quadris delivers on that goal every step of the way.”

To learn more about the Quadris® X-Factor™, click here.

For more information, visit the Syngenta Crop Protection Web site: or or call the Syngenta Customer Center at 1-866-SYNGENTA (866-796-4368).

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