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RR Flex varieties for Louisiana

Fresh variety test yield data in hand, Sandy Stewart, LSU AgCenter cotton specialist, says preliminary analysis shows some the top Roundup Ready Flex cotton varieties in Louisiana include:

  • PHY 485 WRF — “This one, a medium-maturing variety, is consistent across many soil types. It may be a bit better on heavy clay soils than others. The genetics Phytogen currently have look to be well-suited for heavier soil types.”

  • DP 117 B2RF — “This one is very early. If you consider DP 444 is early, this one is even earlier. It's been more consistent than I expected due to its earliness. However, we have a trial in Tensas Parish around Waterproof, La., with potash issues and this variety didn't do well there. It seems there's very little middle ground with 117 — either it's tops or, if stressed, can land in the bottom third of the trials. Where placed properly, though, I have a lot of confidence in it.

  • ST 4554 B2RF — “This is a medium maturing variety that's very consistent and manageable. I like it across many regions and soil types. It's probably the most consistent Flex variety we've dealt with. Interestingly, this variety tends to travel well — it's in fields from Louisiana all the way to Tennessee.

  • ST 4427B2RF — “This is an early Stoneville variety that is fairly consistent if not spectacular. I haven't seen it win a trial yet. But it's consistently in the top third.”

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