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Corn+Soybean Digest

Roundup Ready Group III

Dekalb Genetics – DKB31-52 (early) exhibits:

Moderate resistance to SCN race 3.

Rps1c multirace PPR resistance.

Excellent tolerance to BSR.

Intermediate plant type with average height.

Excellent tolerance and standability.

Well adapted to all row widths.

Protein, 36%; oil, 19%.

Garst Seed – 3135RR (early) provides:

High yields.

Wide area of adaptation, moves east to west.

Very good disease package; Rps1k resistance to PRR.

Protein, 34.6%; oil, 17.9%.

Great Lakes Hybrids – GL3007RR (early) features:

Two bu/acre more yield than parent it’s replacing (GL3002RR).

Rps1k gene for excellent tolerance to PRR.

Very good BSR tolerance.

Good tolerance to SDS.

Very good standability; excellent emergence.

Medium height.

Great Lakes Hybrids – GL3209RR (early) has:

Yield of GL3209RR under any condition or disease pressure.

Rps1c gene for PRR tolerance; resistant to BSR.

Very good IDC score.

SCN resistance to race 3, moderate resistance to race 14.

Excellent emergence, very good standability and shatter resistance.

Medium-tall plant, with an upright-branching plant type

Growmark (FS HiSOY) -– HS 3226 (early) exhibits:

Resistance to SCN, derived from PI 88788.

Multirace resistance to PRR.

Resistance to BSR.

Good SDS resistance.

Excellent yield consistency and stress tolerance.

LG Seeds – C3322NRR (early) offers:

Resistance to SCN; very good SDS tolerance; Rps1k resistance to PRR.

Superior yields, even on non-cyst infested soils.

Ability to handle wet, heavy soils.

Adaptable to most row widths and tough stress prone soils.

Medium-tall plants.

Ottilie Seed – RO 8310RR (early) features:

K-gene resistance to PRR.

Exceptional top-end yield potential.

Very good emergence, standability, stress tolerance and shatter resistance.

Medium-tall with upright branching; good performance at all row widths.

Very good SDS tolerance.

Protein, 35.2%; oil, 19.3%.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Int’l – 93B09 RR (early) shows:

Excellent yield potential.

Outstanding field emergence and standability.

Very good BSR tolerance.

Good tolerance to IDC.

Multirace PRR resistance (Rps1k gene).

Stewart Seeds – SB3360R (early) offers:

Excellent for no-till.

Good PRR tolerance.

Good SDS tolerance.

High yield, wide adaptation.

Syngenta Seeds – S32-G5 (early) features:

Rps1c type resistance to PRR.

Moderate tolerance to BSR.

Excellent emergence and standability.

Medium plant height with intermediate canopy type.

Wide adaptation to various soil types, row spacing, and tillage systems.

Protein, 34%; oil, 19%.

Dairyland Seed – DSR340RR (mid) features:

Excellent field tolerance to PRR.

Very good tolerance to BSR, SDS and SWM.

Excellent resistance to SCN race 3, moderate resistance to race 14.

Excellent standability and emergence.

Medium height, medium plant canopy; adapts to both stressful and high-yield environments.

Golden Harvest – H-3383RR (early to mid-) offers:

SCN resistance to race 3, moderate resistance to race 14.

Excellent emergence; good early vigor; excellent stress tolerance.

Very good tolerance to SDS and PRR.

Medium-tall plants with strong branching tendency; good standability.

Superior yield in SCN- and non-SCN-infested soils.

Adaptation to eastern half of Corn Belt; great for no-till.

Croplan Genetics – RT3432 (mid) features:

Excellent defensive characteristics.

Good SDS tolerance.

Dry weather stress resistance.

Good PRR tolerance and the Rps1k gene.

Growmark (FS HiSOY) – HS 3526 (mid) offers:

Medium plant height with medium canopy type.

SCN resistance derived from PI 88788.

Excellent emergence.

Excellent stress tolerance and yield consistency.

Good field tolerance to PRR.

Kruger Seed – K-344 RR/SCN (mid) exhibits:

PI 88788 source of resistance for SCN.

Above-average tolerance to SDS.

Above-average tolerance to BSR.

Excellent stress tolerance.

Excellent PRR protection.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Int’l – 93B68 RR (mid) provides:

Outstanding yield potential.

Strong SDS tolerance.

Multirace PRR resistance (Rps1k gene).

Very good field emergence; excellent standability.

Very good BSR tolerance.

Asgrow Seed Co. – AG3703 (mid- to late) gives:

SCN resistance to race 3; moderate resistance to race 14.

Very good tolerance to SDS.

Excellent tolerance to BSR.

Excellent standability; very good emergence.

Excellent yield potential.

Protein, 36%; oil, 19%.

Syngenta Seeds – S37-N4 (mid- to late) features:

Resistance to SCN (PI 88788 type).

Rps1c-type PRR resistance.

Moderate tolerance to SDS.

Excellent emergence.

Medium-tall plant height, intermediate canopy type.

Wide adaptation to various soil types, row spacing, and tillage systems.

Protein, 36%; oil, 17%.

>Great Lakes Hybrids – GL3819RR (late) offers:

Super offensive and defensive characteristics.

SCN resistance to race 3, moderate resistance to race 14.

Rps1c gene for tolerance to PRR.

Excellent emergence and standability.

Thin, tall plant type excellent for drilling into high- and moderate-yield situations.

A good choice in fighting SWM and SDS.

LG Seeds – C3944NRR (late) provides:

Medium-tall plants with thin-line growth habit.

SCN resistance; very good SDS tolerance.

High yield potential; good standability.

PRR resistance with Rps1c gene.

Ability to perform well under stress and on marginal soils.

MFA Inc. – Morsoy RT 3601N (late) features:

Very good field tolerance to PRR, BSR and SDS.

Medium height, bushy plant type.

Performs very well in all row spacings.

MFA Inc. – Morsoy RT 3991N (late) exhibits:

Very good field tolerance to PRR.

Excellent field tolerance to SCN race 3.

Medium-thin canopy that performs best at higher populations.

Tall plant that stands very well; should be placed in high-yield environment.

NC+ Hybrids – 3A92RR (late) shows:

SCN resistance to race 3, moderate resistance to race 14.

Great standability; uniform plant type.

Wide adaptation from KS to southern IL.

Very good stress tolerance in poor soils.

Rps1c PRR resistance; above-average SDS scores.

Stewart Seeds – SB3999R (late) provides:

Taller intermediate plant type.

Excellent for no-till.

Good resistance to SCN.

Excellent SDS tolerance.

Good stress tolerance.

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