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Corn+Soybean Digest

Roundup Ready Group I

Knewtson Seed Co. – ADV 1283R (early) has:

Great resistance to PRR and BSR.

Excellent IDC protection; outyields most mid-Group I beans.

Good SWM score.

Excellent standability.

Intermediate type plant; medium bushy.

Mycogen Seeds – 5B101RR (early) offers:

Medium-tall variety.

Excellent IDC tolerance; superior lodging resistance.

Strong emergence vigor.

Very good tolerance to SWM.

Good performance in full-season areas.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Int’l – 91B03 RR (early) shows:

Outstanding yield potential and standability.

Multirace PRR resistance (Rps1k gene).

Good tolerance to IDC.

Very good field emergence; reduced tillage adaptability.

Croplan Genetics – RT1447 (mid) has:

Outstanding IDC tolerance.

Tall plant type with very good SWM tolerance.

Great standability.

Performs well even in sandy conditions.

Garst Seed – 1406 RR (mid) offers:

Offensive yield.

A complement to 1702RR for non-HpH areas.

Outstanding PRR field tolerance.

Easy manageability in any row spacing.

Protein, 34.2%; oil, 18.1%.

ProfiSeed, Inc. – PS 4153RR (mid) provides:

A very durable stand.

Excellent IDC and BSR tolerance.

Very high yields for a mid-group I.

Improved standability over PS 4160RR with strong branching tendencies.

Protein, 36.8%; oil, 18.4%.

Stine Seed Co. – S1346-4 (mid) features:

Excellent emergence.

Very good PRR and IDC tolerance.

Higher yields compared to S1306-4 and S1506-4.

Protein, 34.2%; oil, 18.8%.

Syngenta Seeds – S15-B1 (mid) offers:

Very good IDC tolerance.

Rps1a type PRR resistance with very good tolerance.

Moderate tolerance to BSR.

Medium plant height with slender canopy; very good lodging resistance.

Protein, 35%; oil, 18%.

Kaltenberg Seeds – KB173RR (mid- to late) has:

High yields.

Carries the "k" gene for PRR resistance.

Very good SWM and BSR ratings.

Attractive medium-tall, medium bush plant type; well adapted to no-till.

Excellent emergence and standability.

Dairyland Seed – DSR199RR, (late) features:

Excellent field tolerance to PRR, plus Rps1k resistance.

Excellent tolerance to BSR, SDS, SWM and IDC.

Excellent standability and emergence.

Medium height, medium plant canopy; adapted to high-yield environments.

Similar potential and adaptation to DSR221RR.

Gold Country Seed – GCS 1319RR (late) exhibits:

PRR resistance (Rps1k gene).

High yields; excellent standability.

Excellent tolerance to SWM and BSR.

Gold Country Seed – GCS 6318RR (late) offers:

Outstanding emergence; overall stress tolerance.

Very good lodging resistance.

Tolerant to PRR.

Excellent shattering score.

Knewtson Seed Co. – ADV 1952R (late) features.

Best SWM score available; slight resistance to race 3 SCN.

Excellent tolerance to PRR with XG1K gene.

Good on IDC; good emergence..

Medium plant type and height.

Above-average standability.

Protein, 35.6%; oil, 18.8%.

Latham Seed – 297RR (late) has:

Excellent disease package, with K-gene for PRR resistance.

Good performance on high pH soils, (2.1 score on 1-to-5 scale).

Excellent tolerance to BSR; good scores against SWM.

Excellent emergence and standability.

1st place in 2001 company research trials in IA, MN, WI.

Latham Seed – 367RR (late) exhibits:

Excellent disease package; superior yield.

K-gene for PRR resistance.

Terrific IDC tolerance (2.1 score on 1-to-5 scale).

BSR resistance.

High tolerance to stressful environments.

Medium-tall plant with great standability.

Latham Seed – 418RR (late) provides:

An early sister to Latham 417RR with an improved disease package.

K-gene for PRR resistance.

Great IDC tolerance; resistant to BSR.

Handles stress.

Superior SWM tolerance, (1.9 on a 1-to-5 scale).

Terrific standability and emergence.

Stine Seed Co. -– S1962-4 (late) features:

Excellent emergence: very good standability.

Rps1c multirace PRR resistance.

Resistance to SCN races 3 and 14.

A "must-plant" where SCN and IDC are concerns.

Protein, 35.9%; oil, 19.4%.

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