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Ag Marketing IQ is new go-to source for market intel

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Learn how to manage volatile markets at new Farm Futures blog.

Shaky stock markets, COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical upheaval. How do you keep up with the latest news and still manage today’s volatile markets? In survey after survey farmers say better risk management and marketing skills help boost farm profitability. That’s one reason why Farm Futures has launched Ag Marketing IQ, a daily market analysis column that offers compelling insight on the daily and long-term markets that impact farmers most.

The blog, which can be found here, brings together some of the most respected voices in grain and livestock market analysis. These analysts include Bryce Knorr, Dave Fogel, Bill Biederman, Matt Bennett, Brian Splitt, Paul Dubravek, Dave Lechtenberg, Toni Dunker, Fred Dietz, Ryan Griess, Larry Shonkwiler, Naomi Blohm, Duane Lowry, Chris Barron and Jim McCormick. Combined they represent decades of experience analyzing the grain markets for farmers and many other clients. Participating companies include Advance Trading Inc., AgMarket.Net, Silver Creek Commodities, Ag View Solutions and total Farm Marketing by Stewart Peterson.

Here are some of the recent stories you will find at the blog:

How long will market chaos reign? Length of stock market contagion could depend on economy.

Minimize potential downside price damage with options For grain marketing, fear the worst-case scenario but be ready for the best case as well.

Getting past market fear to find opportunity (audio). The many issues impacting the market requires stepping back and taking a fresh look at the potential upside.

Trying to manage during black swan event Concentrate on lowering costs of production, locking in profits and protecting the upside.

“Our goal is to bring honest, factual information to the Ag sector, using a proven format, and to educate clients to use new tools to balance and manage risk,” says Biederman, a guest blogger and hedging strategist with AgMarket.Net.

“We all do things a touch different, so the reader gets to weigh that out for themselves,” says Dave Fogel, vice president at ATI. “Our individual writers represent some diversity in how they spend their day, including commercial brokers, farmer brokers as well as our research group.”

Based on analytical evidence, the Ag Marketing IQ blog is quickly rising in popularity with farmer viewers, already making it the number four most popular blog at the Farm Futures website.

In just the first six weeks, the blog has touched on cattle markets, energy buying opportunities, the China trade deal’s impact on demand, and hedging strategies.

The blog is an excellent complement to our daily morning market review and afternoon market recap, written by Farm Futures analyst Jacqueline Holland and senior editor Ben Potter.

If you’re interested in boosting your risk management knowledge, click on Ag Marketing IQ under the blogger index page at

Make sure you have the information you need as you make decisions in this volatile economic climate.

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