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Rice - Sheath Blight Fungicide Treatment Thresholds

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Treatment Threshold at 7-14 days past 1/2” internode elongation3
Rice Variety Sheath Blight Reaction Percent Positive Stops Percent Infected Tillers
AB6565 VS 35 10-May
Clearfield (R) CL-121 VS 35 10-May
Clearfield (R) CL-141 VS 35 10-May
Clearfield CL-161 VS 35 10-May
Cocodrie VS 35 10-May
Cypress VS 35 10-May
Lemont VS 35 10-May
Madison VS 35 10-May
CL161 VS 35 10-May
AB 647 MS 50 15-Oct
AB1542 MS 50 15-Oct
AB6465 MS 50 15-Oct
Ahrent MS 50 15-Oct
Alan MS 50 15-Oct
Bengal MS2 50 15-Oct
Drew MS 50 15-Oct
Earl MS1 50 15-Oct
Francis MS 50 15-Oct
Jefferson MS 50 15-Oct
Kaybonnet MS 50 15-Oct
Koshihikari MS1 50 15-Oct
LaGrue MS 50 15-Oct
Newbonnet MS 50 15-Oct
Priscilla MS 50 15-Oct
Saber MS 50 15-Oct
Wells MS 50 15-Oct
XL-6 Hybrid Rise MS2 See footnote3 See footnote3
XL-7 Hybrid Rice MS 50 15-Oct
XL-8 Hybrid Rice MS 50 15-Oct
1These varieties rarely benefit from sheath blight fungicide applications.
2Under low nitrogen management, XL-6 should not need a fungicide application.
3Thresholds are based on adequate scouting. Each field should be scouting in a zigzag pattern avoiding the edges
and ends of the field, stopping every 50 steps to inspect a 3 ft. long section of rice. If any symptoms are observed
in the section, this is a positive stop. At least 50 stops per field should be made or 1 per acre in large fields. If
sheath blight is concentrated in certain parts of the field, treat only the infected region if it exceeds the threshold.
Field history should also be used to determine the need for a fungicide application.
­­--Rick Cartwright and Fleet Lee, University of Arkansas
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