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Reinke unveils new irrigation control panels

Reinke Manufacturing Inc., a leading manufacturer of mechanized irrigation systems, has unveiled its new series of Reinke Precision Management Control Panels for its irrigation systems.

Built on a new robust and flexible foundation, RPM control panels integrate the newest technology in components with an innovative approach to design, so that controls can be tailored to each customer's unique requirements. RPM panels upgrade easily and offer many powerful options. The RPM panels offer three levels of precision control including RPM Preferred, RPM Advanced and RPM.

“To better serve our valued customers is the ultimate goal at Reinke,” said Tim Goldhammer, vice-president of marketing, Reinke Manufacturing Inc. “Developing a new control panel with tiered levels of functionality is yet another way that we are helping producers meet their varying levels of irrigation needs while remaining a step ahead of the industry in technology and innovation.”

Designed to meet today's most challenging irrigation situations, the RPM Preferred Control Panel uses innovative computer technology to deliver complete control over the irrigation system. Equipped with industry-leading Reinke Advanced Management (RAMS) technology, RPM Preferred is simple to program with setup and programming wizards that guide every step of the process. Data and programming are easy to retrieve, and the streamlined interface features an easy-access serial port for connection to a personal computer. RPM Preferred also offers the ability to log events so that tracking the system's various functions becomes easier.

Other RPM Preferred features include a customizable application function to chart varying slope and soil conditions within the field. RPM Precision application controls conserve water, reduce nutrient percolation and minimize operating costs by applying water only when and where it's needed.

RPM Preferred offers additional options such as RPM Monitor and Control (telemetry), RPM Remote, and RPM Phone Link, all of which allow producers to check functions and operation status without having to make a trip to the pivot center to do so. With the exclusive Reinke Navigator GPS locater option for end towers, producers can program end gun settings, or any location-based setting, with unmatched accuracy.

The RPM Advanced Control Panel also provides digital precision control for irrigation systems. Equipped with Reinke's proven Precision Application Controller III (PAC III) technology, RPM Advanced precisely regulates system speed and functions, ensuring accurate water, fertilizer, and chemical application with center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems.

RPM Advanced is easy to program offering the ability to customize settings for up to 10 different sections of a field, which allows water application to be tailored to the needs of multiple crops and varying field conditions. Depth settings are displayed to 1-100th of an inch and are microprocessor-controlled to remain accurate for the life of the product.

RPM Advanced offers many options including the choice of cycle time options, the ability to control two end guns (or one end gun and another auxiliary output), or even the ability to delay the system for longer soak intervals at the forward and reverse positions.

Repeatable, highly accurate settings meet the demands for irrigating and/or chemigating in today's Ag environment.

Like RPM Preferred options, RPM Advanced options include Phone Link control, RPM Monitor and Control (telemetry), and the Reinke Navigator GPS locater option for end towers.

The RPM Panel, the base level of the new and improved RPM Control Panel Series, delivers state-of-the-art technology, yet is functional and easy to use. The RPM panel features speed controls, directional options, start/stop and auto-stop control functionality, control over pressure and temperature interlocks, and the ability to shut off the end gun from the panel.

The RPM Panel is easily enhanced with a variety of powerful options, including power restart and a basic version of the PAC III timer. Upgrading the RPM Panel is quick and easy by replacing the RPM module inside the panel with the Advanced or Preferred module.

In addition to the new internal options, the outer box on all RPM panels has received a new design and is also equipped with a pneumatic strut to better assist with the opening and closing of the panel door. This strut will better hold the door open in windy conditions while settings are being made to the panel.

For more information on Reinke products, visit or call the toll free Grower's Hotline at 866-365-7381 to locate the nearest full-service Reinke dealership.

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