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QuickFarm adding strong ag-information competition

QuickFarm, an independently owned company founded in 1999, has taken the agricultural world by storm and is proving to be fierce competition for the country's leading satellite provider of agricultural information.

In just two and a half years, QuickFarm has established itself as the country's No. 1 source of Web development and procurement services for the ag industry. Its high-end product, combined with affordable prices and strong customer support, is driving cotton gins, grain elevators, and farmers across America to replace their existing (costly) satellite information systems with the more affordable and accessible services provided by QuickFarm.

Operating with a low over-head and developing synergistic partnerships that strengthen and enhance its services has enabled QuickFarm to provide the most complete web-related products on the market at a lower cost.

For example, QuickFarm provides real-time futures quotes, which are essential to its customers, for over 50 percent less than the leading data transmission service.

The company also delivers this information to its customers via their own private-label Websites, giving them 24/7 access from anywhere they have an Internet connection, rather than from one satellite machine (typically) only found in the gin, elevator or co-op office.

Since its founding, QuickFarm's primary focus has been the farmer — developing new ideas and services to help streamline his business and improve his bottom line.

QuickFarm President Mason Pope credits the company's stamina and success to this farmer-centric approach. “If our product won't ultimately save farmers time and money, then they don't need it,” he says.

QuickFarm is an independent, American company that currently has customers in 24 states from coast to coast.

Call 1-888-650-FARM, or visit

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