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Corn+Soybean Digest

Products Feb 2010


Innoquest recently launched the SpotOn sprayer calibrator, a hand-held electronic flow-rate checker for spray nozzles. SpotOn quickly and accurately measures flow rate, helping reduce the likelihood of inaccurate chemical application by validating nozzle performance.

Simple to use and maintain, the battery-powered SpotOn sprayer calibrator can be operated with one hand to determine sprayer output, indicating when spray nozzles are worn or need replacing. After being placed under the nozzle tip, the SpotOn calibrator displays measurements in 10 seconds or less. Flow rate is indicated in gallons, ounces or liters per minute with an accuracy of +/- 2.5%.

Available in two models, the SpotOn sprayer calibrator can be used for herbicide and insecticide nozzles — for flows up to 1 gal./minute (3.8L/minute) — or liquid fertilizer and sprinkler nozzles, for flows up to 4 gal./minute (15L/minute).

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New from Dickey-john is the AutoSwath Control, an automated row shut-off system. When used with Dickey-john's IntelliAg system, Auto-Swath automatically disables individual planter sections using a GPS signal as previously planted areas are approached.

The system has a dedicated terminal that displays field coverage maps for real-time viewing without interruption of application rate and seed-monitoring information. With a full color display, the terminal offers easy identification of external boundaries, areas planted and areas left to plant.

Features include a manual setting that allows the operator to manually override planter sections. The Run In Overlap function lets the operator set a delay for section shutoff when a planted area is crossed. The Run Out Overlap setting turns sections off before reaching a non-planted area.

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