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Products by the dozens

Fast-forward farm shows. One year after a major introduction, AGCO, the company that was built on brand names, adds more products and more lines.

Eight years ago when AGCO was formed, its leaders may not have realized the scope and breadth of what the company could become, or what it is today. Just this year alone, AGCO entered the sprayer market with the purchase of the Spra-Coupe products from Melroe; purchased Cargill's Willmar line of sprayers, spreaders and loaders; expanded its Fendt line - which will soon reach our shores - and expanded its distribution of some North American brands into the global market.

Even with all of that expansion, AGCO still had time to build and redesign new products for baling, mowing, planting, pulling and tilling. Take a look at what we found at this year's farm shows, all new from AGCO.

More from Massey. Massey introduces advanced, high-horsepower and mid-range tractors to help with heavy tillage, mowing, baling and other chores around the farm.

For the high-horsepower market, models 8270, with 200-hp PTO, and 8280, with 225-hp PTO (to be officially launched in early 1999), offer 4-wd power in a new 513-cu.-in. Valmet 645 turbocharged diesel. Features include an electronically controlled full power shift with an 18 forward and 6 reverse tranny that offers an optional creeper gear. Tractors have an electronic 3-pt. hitch with lift capacity to 14,000 lbs.

Working at mid-range horsepowers, the company introduces models 2210 and 2220, which are 4-wd units with 53 and 63 hp, respectively. Both come as a platform or cabbed model with a flat deck for easy access and operator comfort. A 12 forward and 12 reverse synchro shuttle transmission is standard; creeper range is standard on low-profile/low-clearance models, optional on others. Engines are a 49-hp PTO, 3-cyl. Perkins diesel for model 2210 and a 58-hp PTO, turbocharged, 3-cyl. Perkins diesel for model 2220.

The company's new 200 series utility tractors offer a range of 34- to 67-hp PTO. Standard in all models is an 8-speed manual-shift transmission that features sliding gears to provide a total of 8 forward and 2 reverse speeds. Two of the models, 240 and 253, feature 4-wd or nearly 30% more traction to help pull through loose or muddy soil, over trashy fields or around slippery field lots. Circle 239.

All new from AGCO Allis. These new mid-range or high-horsepower tractors from AGCO Allis offer advanced hydraulics and creature comforts, among other features, to make your daily grind easier.

New tractors in the high-horsepower, row-crop 9700 series range from 160 to 225 hp. The series includes 9755, 9765, 9775 and 9785. All models are powered by a 6-cyl., AGCO Allis diesel 8.7-liter engine. A wide, roomy cab offers a generous view of your fields, and console controls are set in the armrest for convenient operation.

Models in the 8700 series include suspended foot pedals and console-mounted controls for easy operation. All models in the 70- to 110-hp series are available in either 2- or 4-wd with a maximum steering angle of up to 55 for better maneuverability.

Cabbed models 8745 and 8765 have hand throttle, electronic 3-pt. hitch controls, 4-wd and differential lock switches in the middle of the console for easy fingertip control. For better visibility, cabs feature 54 sq. ft. on the 8745 and 8765 models and 61 sq. ft. on the 8775 and 8785 models. Circle 240. White's got it covered. From its basic 6100, 4-row planter to its 6800 series variable rate, central fill unit, White has a planter to fit your needs. The basic 6100 series models are available for narrow or wide row widths and as 4-, 8- or 12-row units. The models are also available as vertical fold units. White 6180 forward-fold series includes an 8-row wide model, a 12-row narrow or 12-row wide unit, and a 16-row narrow model. Units can go from 15 ft. wide x 11 ft. high transport mode to planting in less than three minutes, according to the company.

The 6200 and 6300 series horizontal fold planters with rear or wing fold frames are perfect for the farmer who plants 30-in. corn and 15-in. beans. Conversion can be completed in minutes using a hydraulically activated frame fold. New wing fold planters in the 6500 series combine narrow rows with narrow transport and variable rate technology to help give your yields a boost. All models let you adjust plant populations on-the-go with the company's variable seed rate controller. Models 6512 and 6515 transport at a width of 13 ft. 8 in. with fertilizer units. Model 6512 comes as a 12-row, 20- or 22-in. model and the 6515 comes as a 15-row, 15-in. unit. Or lock up interplant rows and plant 8 rows at 30 in.

The 6500 series also has six forward fold planters with 24 or 31 narrow rows featuring row widths of 15, 20 and 22 in.

A large central fill hopper on the 6800 series planters holds 60 cu. ft. of seed. The planters can handle a number of planting functions in different crops and is the first planter to come with an advanced hydraulic seed drive as standard equipment. Circle 241.

Hesston hayers. Take your pick from Hesston's new 800-series round balers designed to make 4- x 5-ft., 5- x 5-ft. and 5- x 6-ft. bales.

The series includes model 845 with a low-profile pickup width of 771/2 in. and models 855 and 856, both with a pickup width of 92 in. All balers feature centering augers that move the crop into the bale throat, 16- x 161/2-in. gauge wheels, a new hydraulically activated slip clutch and lace belts for easier service. Balers run off a 540- or 1,000-rpm PTO, require at least a 65-hp tractor and hold up to eight balls of twine.

The company is beefing up the current models of its mower conditioner line by adding new features. The 1365 rotary disc Hydro-Swing pull-type unit offers a new 110-in. helper roll for better feeding and cutoff, and skid shoes are 33% wider for improved wear.

Models 1260 and 1265 sickle-type mowers replace the current 1160 12-ft. and 14-ft. windrowers and also feature the company's Hydro-Swing. Model 1275 replaces the present model 1170, a 16-ft. windrower.

The company adds to its sickle-type mower conditioner with model 1270, a 14-ft. double-sickle unit. All models feature new guards and hold-downs for reduced sickle wear, increased auger separation and a heavier right end panel to ease reverse loading. Warning flashers are standard. Also new is model 1275, a 16-ft. unit that replaces the current 1170.

Heston upgrades its self-propelled windrowers with new models 8250/8250S and 8550. Enhance-ments include larger drive tires for increased ground clearance, an increase in header lift pressure to 2,500 psi and larger, roomier cabs with a long list of creature comforts. Circle 242.

Single-pass systems from Glencoe. Glencoe's additions to its family of tillage products are all designed for one-pass farming.

The UM4650 UniMulch and SF4600 Soil Finisher prepare a seedbed in a single pass. According to the company, the machines can operate in high-residue conditions, and the UniMulch can even operate in fields with standing residue where no primary tillage has been done.

Both the UM4650 and SF4600 come in six working widths, from 18 to 401/2 ft. The narrower-width models fold to 13 ft. and the wider models fold to 16 ft. for transport.

The disc gangs on both machines are spring cushioned with hydraulic depth control. The UM4650 has five ranks of auto-reset (550-lb.) shanks, and the SF4600 has a choice of Live Leaf (165-lb.) or heavy-duty G-tine shanks. Optional seedbed finishing equipment includes 5-bar and 8-bar flexible spike tooth harrows, a 15-in. rolling reel with 5-bar flexible spike tooth harrow and tandem rolling treaders with 18-in.-dia. spiders.

The new FC3600 field cultivator can mix, aerate and level the soil, while incorporating herbicides and fertilizers, all in one pass through the field. The FC3600 is available in working widths of 42, 49, 57 and 62 ft. The company claims that the cultivator's shank is narrower than conventional shanks to lessen soil resistance and reduce horsepower needs. The 27-in. -long shanks maintain 165 lbs. of point pressure, have a 91/2-in. trip height and penetrate the soil even in tough soil conditions.

Working depth of the shank can be adjusted manually or hydraulically with depth adjustments located on the front of each section. The adjustment can be automated by installing the optional depth control system 3000.

According to Glencoe, its DR8600 disc ripper shatters soil compaction while incorporating crop residues to enhance yield potential for next year's crop.

Models are available with 4, 5, 6, or 7 shanks set on 30-ft. spacing. You may choose one or two disc gangs ahead of the V-frame shanks to size residue to your needs. Concave coulters, which are controlled separately from the shanks, are individually mounted at 15-in. spacing (or optional 12-in. spacing) to maximize residue flow. Disc gangs are individually adjustable to 10, 15 or 20 angles. A rear disc leveling gang is optional. Circle 243. Contact AGCO Corp., Dept. FIN, 4205 River Green Parkway, Duluth, GA 30096, 770/813-9200.

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