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Products for a clean weld

Does it ever fail? You make a nice, clean weld on a piece of equipment, but it ends up corroding from rust-inducing conditions. Well, now you can protect weld surfaces from corrosion with a new zinc-based spray product from Sprayon.

And to keep spatter from adhering to welding surfaces or nozzles and tips, Miller Electric has a line of environmentally safe products that provide a fine layer of protective coating that prevents flux spatter from sticking.

Stop the spit. Even the most seasoned welder ends up finish grinding his MIG and flux-core nozzles, tips and surfaces because of spatter. A light mist of Arc Guard forms a micro-thin protective coating in the first few seconds of welding to prevent spatter from adhering to welding surfaces and gun tips. Its water-based formula wipes off and doesn't contain chlorides, fluorocarbons or flammable, hazardous or odor-causing ingredients, according to the company.

Arc Guard Nozzle Gel is a nozzle dip that will help eliminate the fumes and greasy drippings from petroleum-based products. The gel is available in 16-oz. containers. Sprays come in 19-oz. aerosol cans, a quart bottle with spray pump and a 1-gal. spray refill. Contact Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Box 100, Lithonia, GA 30058, 800/426-4553,

Resist the rust. Before you make your next weld, spray on new Sprayon 740 zinc-rich cold galvanizing compound to protect exposed steel from corrosive environments. It's an epoxy-based coating of 97% pure zinc dust that fuses to metal and works well as a weld-through primer. The fast-drying formula makes metals resistant to water and salt corrosion, according to the maker, Sherwin-Williams.

After welding, metal can be finished with a topcoat of a conventional primer or finish coat. It comes in 16-oz., 1/2-pt., 1-qt. and 1-gal. cans and 3 1/2-gal. pails. Contact Sherwin-Williams Industrial Sales, 800/777-2966,

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