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Midwest Technologies introduces CenterLine 220, a versatile and simple GPS guidance system. CenterLine 220 features two modes of operation — straight-line (parallel) and curved AB. The system is compact and designed for portability from vehicle to vehicle.

The CenterLine 220 features an internal WAAS compatible GPS receiver with 5 Hz position update. A small external GPS antenna connects to the unit and is mounted on the vehicle roof.

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A new spray tip, designed for applications where good leaf coverage and canopy penetration are required, is the newest addition to the TeeJet Spray Products' line. The new tip, Turbo TwinJet (TTJ), is ideal for fungicides, insecticides and pre- or post-emergence contact herbicides.

The TTJ features a dual outlet orifice design. Identical front and back flat spray patterns are produced with a 60 included spray angle between them to optimize spray coverage. Due to an internal pre-orifice, the Turbo TwinJet will work well when coverage, penetration and drift control are all important factors. In addition, the TTJ is available in a wide range of capacities and features large round free passages to minimize clogging.

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Valmont Irrigation recently introduced the cams Tracker SP, allowing growers the ability to remotely monitor and control many pivot operations and activity, including field position.

The cams Tracker SP works jointly with the cams Select or Pro panel via the cams Tracker Communications Center. Once the communications link is established, growers may control many pivot operations including: pivot direction, starting and stopping, running with or without water and managing auxiliary controls.

As with the cams Tracker, the Tracker SP will notify the farmer with an alarm message either with a phone call, cell phone text message or e-mail if a problem occurs, not only increasing efficiency, but ultimately reducing pumping costs as well.

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The new Redball Shuttle liquid mini-bulk handling system simplifies handling of bulk crop protection products. The streamlined plastic Redball Shuttle includes a 250-gal. holding tank plumbed to a 10-gal. measuring vessel below, which accurately measures chemicals using a sight gauge. It has 2-in. valves and fittings for quicker fill times compared to traditional mini-bulks.

The Redball Shuttle is made of durable linear low-density polyethylene plastic. It is 6 ft. tall, has a 4 ft. by 5 ft. footprint and weighs 335 lbs. when empty. The 250-gal. white holding tank at the top is nestled into a red protective plastic base. It is 100% drainable for easy cleanout. Tie-down lugs are positioned at all four corners and it is forklift accessible from all four sides to simplify placement on nurse trailers. D.O.T. approval is pending.

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