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Corn+Soybean Digest



Yetter's 10-in. SharkTooth Wheel handles residue similarly to the 13-in. version, but is designed to operate in applications where there are space restraints. The 10-in. wheel is strong enough to take on the residue left from biotech corn hybrids. It can also manage the additional residue left in corn-on-corn acres and optimize yield potential.

Designed like sharks' teeth, backward-sloped extensions with sharp-cutting edges grab and completely sever residue for easier removal. Operated in the same vertical position as its fingered wheel counterpart, the SharkTooth constantly has a cutting edge in contact with the soil surface to cleanly cut residue with minimal soil disturbance. This design incorporates the sharp cutting edge of the furrow opener disc but eliminates the undesirable plowing action of the concave blade.

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AgRobotics has introduced the first high-speed, on-the-go implement for precision soil sampling: the AutoProbe. The device is built around a single-rubber-track-driven mechanism actuating an on-the-go probe that penetrates the soil to a depth of 6 in. and withdraws a soil core as it retracts.

Synchronized with each rotation of the track, the probe can pull cores in 16-ft. increments β€” about every 1.5 seconds when towed across a field by a GPS-steered utility vehicle (UV). The AutoProbe collects the cores and conveys them pneumatically to the UV cab for automatic packaging into soil lab sample boxes. Throughout the process, the operator remains in the UV driver seat.

The complete equipment package consists of the AutoProbe, GPS-equipped UV, computer with software program to monitor and communicate with the AutoProbe and a trailer to haul all equipment from one field to the next.

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TeeJet added a new spray tip to its product line. The new tip, Air Induction XR Flat Spray (AIXR), produces fewer driftable droplets at higher pressures than most other tips and provides excellent drift control without compromising coverage. The nozzle uses a unique air induction design to produce larger air-filled drops that stay on target and cover the entire plant.

The AIXR is ideal for pre-emerge surface-applied herbicides, post-emerge systemic herbicides and post-emerge contact herbicides.

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Hobart Welding now offers the AirForce 250-cu.-in. plasma cutter. The cutter runs on standard 115 VAC household current, and is an alternative to oxy acetylene. The AirForce weighs in at 27 lbs., and has a built-in air compressor. Able to cut β…›-in. mild steel and severing ΒΌ-in. steel, the unit allows cutting with an arc up to 3/16 in. long. The AirForce has a 16.4-ft. torch and comes with extra replacement tips. With a 35% duty cycle, it has a rated output of 12 amps at 110 VDC, so there's no need for a 230-volt hookup.

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