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Three Caterpillar small track-type tractors — the D3G, D4G and D5G — are now equipped with EPA-approved emissions-certified engines. The Cat 3046 diesel engine is turbocharged for enhanced responsiveness on all three models.

With the engine upgrades, the D5G model produces 90 hp at the flywheel. The D4G and D3G, previously not available with turbocharged engines, offer net power of 80 hp and 70 hp, respectively.

The G-Series models are also available with the Caterpillar AccuGrade Laser Grade Control system that uses advanced laser technology to fine grade with increased accuracy.
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Fully integrated, GPS auto-guidance steering systems can soon be outfitted in Case IH MX Series Magnum and STX Series Steiger tractors, including Quadtrac models. The Case IH AFS AccuGuide Autoguidance System will eliminate the need to steer in open fields, except at row ends, and are targeted at the 1- and 4-in. accuracy markets. Currently, Case IH offers the EZ-Guide lightbar system, which uses GPS technology to direct the operator to steer on course

Dealer-installed field kits will be available in the spring of 2004 for MX210, MX230, MX255 and MX285 Magnum, and STX275, STX325, STX375, STX425, STX450 and STX500 Steiger tractors.
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The 2,000-gal. Redball Model 690 High-Clearance Trailer Sprayer, from Redball, Benson, MN, comes with either a 120- or 132-ft. triple-front-fold boom. It can cover 200 acres/fill at a carrier rate of 10 gal./acre. The sprayer covers 120 acres/hour with the 120-ft. boom at an average speed of 8 mph. The 120-ft. boom covers 48 30-in. rows/pass; the 132-ft. boom covers 72 22-in. rows/pass. The sprayer is also available with a 1,600-gal. tank.
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Beanhustler, Inc., offers the Beanhustler Planter Fillarm attachment to use with other pneumatic planter-fill systems, including Bruning, Christianson (Seed Vac), Yetter (Seed Jet) and Walenga.

The attachment frees the operator from carrying the discharge cyclone and hose from box to box. A control switch can be mounted at the discharge so the operator can start and stop seed flow with a switch.
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A fully integrated, GPS-based precision automated steering system is now available for New Holland TJ and TG Series tractors.

Although the operator must still make end-row turns, the IntelliSteer System steers when the tractor is operated in straight lines in open fields. Two levels of precision are available. The High Performance Differential GPS System relies on a leased satellite correction signal to provide accuracy in the plus-or-minus 4-in. range.

The more precise Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Auto-Steering System uses a customer-owned base station to provide a correction signal for accuracy normally in the plus-or-minus 1-in. range.
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