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Corn+Soybean Digest



Calmer Corn Heads, Inc., announces the addition of 30-in. corn heads to its existing line up of 15- and 20-in. heads. Features of the 30-in. corn head include 6-16 rows, universal frame adaptable to all combines, ear toss reduction kit, hi-flow rate package, heavy-duty drive lines, poly dividers and hoods and Quicker Picker 2000 row units.

The patented Quicker Picker 2000 row unit uses a self-sharpening knife-to-knife stalk roll design, dual or single chain design, deluxe trash reduction package and multi-zoned combo stripper plates. Other options available include hydraulic plates, auto header height, contour master, tracker and water pump nose bearings.
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DICKEY-john introduces the GAC500 XT, a semi-portable moisture tester that provides fast, consistent results in the field and on the farm. Made with the same technology that created the federal standard GAC2100 for elevators, the newest GAC unit delivers the same accuracy for less than half the price.

With the GAC500 XT, producers now have access to affordable, reliable moisture, temperature and test weight readings for applications including grains, cereals, oilseeds, grass seeds, vegetable seeds and beans.

Testing with the GAC500 XT is easy: choose your grain, load the hopper and press a button. No leveling or adjusting samples.
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Delavan Ag Pumps, Inc. introduces Diamond Series 5500 roller pumps. A special alloy body and end plate for maximum durability allows Diamond Series pumps to last up to 10 times longer than conventional cast iron pumps when pumping harsh agricultural chemicals, such as herbicides.

The five-roller Diamond Series pumps offer maximum flow output of 46.5 gpm at 1,000 rpm and can handle fluid temperature to 140°F/60°C. Ultra-rollers provide smooth, high performance operation and long wear life. Standard rotation is clockwise, with counter clockwise optional.
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Onset Computer Corporation introduces the HOBO Pendant Event Logger, a miniature, low-cost data logger for measuring and recording rainfall and air temperature.

The logger connects to most standard tipping-bucket rain gauges to record rainfall rates and duration, thus eliminating the need to manually read rain gauges. Unlike most rainfall loggers, which record rainfall activity at fixed intervals, the HOBO Pendant Event records data with each tip of the rain gauge bucket. This is a particular advantage in applications where peak rainfall rates need to be determined. An internal temperature sensor enables the logger to be used in a solar radiation shield to measure temperature.
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