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Corn+Soybean Digest



Case IH extends its 1200 Series Advanced Seed Meter (ASM) planter line with its new 12/23 and 16/31 split-row configurations.

The 1200 series split-row planter features twin 40 bu. tanks that provide a constant flow of seed to each row unit.

The slow-turning ASM design uses the largest diameter seed disk (11.8 in.) with the most holes (48 for corn) in the industry, according to the company. This allows the seed disk to turn slower, even at higher field speeds.

Case IH split-row planters use the same rotating toolbar design introduced on its 12- and 16-row planters. With the touch of a button the planter goes from field position to a transport position measuring 12 ft., 7 in. wide.

The list price for the 12/23 planter is $87,645 and $111,100 for the 16/31, each equipped with monitor, monitor wiring harness and seed disks.

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Case IH Launches New Products


The newest addition to Case IH's Axial Flow family of combines, the Class VII-plus Case IH AFX8010 combine provides increased productivity for farmers and custom harvesters battling the clock.

The AFX8010 combine includes a 330-bu. grain tank, a fast unloading rate of 3 bu./sec. and a large cleaning area of 10,075 sq. in. The AFX8010 features a 10.3-liter, 24-valve, full-authority electronic engine, rated at 375 hp.

The AFX8010 feeder house is 54 in. wide. A redesigned, bolt-in rock trap eliminates the chain drive and need for rear ballast weights. In addition, the optional Terrain Tracker feeder pivots 50 from side to side to follow ground contours and maximize harvest efficiency.

A new lineup of headers, including 12-row corn heads, 30-ft. flex and rigid heads, and up to 36-ft. flex and rigid draper heads, will complement the AFX8010. For simplified attachment, the header and related hydraulic and electrical hookups are completed at a single point from the left side of the feeder.

Prices for the AFX8010 range from $212,750 to $261,000, depending on features and equipment.

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A new STX500 Steiger tractor with a 500-hp engine is now available. It's offered in wheeled and Quadtrac versions for agricultural applications and expands the STX series line to 10 models.

The upgraded STX500 tractor features a new turbulated tube radiator to increase engine cooling capacity. A lengthened air filter delivers the extra air needed for increased power levels while maintaining longer filter life. In addition, the STX500 provides up to 39% torque rise and up to 50-hp growth in tough spots.

Prices for wheeled tractors range from $227,690 to $260,324, and the Quadtrac tractors range from $255,771 to $290,297, depending on features.

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