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Kinze Manufacturing, Williamsburg, IA, introduces the 3650 Twin-Line conventional planter for large-capacity, narrow-row planting. It offers a variety of features: liquid fertilizer application on the planter toolbar, narrow transport, plus consistent depth control and precision seed placement.

The 3650 comes in 12-row and 16-row narrow sizes, both available with the liquid fertilizer and interplant package. That includes four poly tanks mounted across the planter's center section and both wings. Total fertilizer tank capacity is 500 gallons on the 12-row unit and 600 gallons on the 16-row.

The interplant system uses Kinze push row units, which maximize residue and soil flow between row units and help balance row unit weight evenly on toolbars.
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The 6200 Series V-closing wheel system for Case planters comes from Yetter Manufacturing, Colchester, IL.

Its V-closing wheels gently place soil around the seed, resulting in seed-to-soil contact and fast, even emergence.

A quick-adjust T handle changes spring tensions easily to any of five tension settings. And rubber or spike closing wheels can be assembled to operate parallel or in a staggered position. It's also compatible with in-furrow granular insecticide applications.
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The 60-ft., folding 1900 Series Stacking Planter Bar from Orthman Manufacturing, Lexington, NE, can handle 24-row 30-in. or 18-row 38/40-in. planter configurations.

For transport, outer wings hydraulically fold forward 180° before stacking. The toolbar is “semi-mounted” to the tractor, offering the maneuverability of a three-point mounted machine while achieving the wide working width of a pull-type planter.

The unit also uses Orthman's Star Command GPS Implement Guidance System in place of row markers, providing centimeter-level accuracy.
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MacDon's 36-ft.-wide combine header can add up to a 20% increase in productivity for growers switching from 30-ft. headers, according to the company.

The MacDon 974 FlexDraper also offers improved crop feeding quality over a traditional flex auger. Using drapers rather than an auger to move crop into the feeder house causes less bunching or plugging and increases crop volume.

The C-shaped cutterbar, low guard profile and contoured poly skids combine for a low and clean cut, according to the company.
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Krause Corp., Hutchinson, KS, features a no-till attachment for the 4830 Series In Line Ripper.

The “No-Till” is an attachment that closes the shank path to provide a level surface for no-till planting. It helps manage soil compaction and provides constant soil contact and improved leveling, according to the company. Closing wheels are placed close to the shank to control soil “blowout,” and down pressure adjusts easily. The closing wheel space adjusts from 3-½ to 11 in.
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