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The AgGPS Autopilot system from Trimble Navigation Limited is now available for combines. Using an automated steering system and GPS technology, growers automatically steer along precise paths set earlier in the year during planting with centimeter accuracy and repeatability.

Trimble's high-performance GPS-based navigation controller connected to a combine's power steering mechanism powers the system. An in-cab display allows growers to select field patterns, previously set during planting, and view operating parameters.

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SmartFarm Software from Farm Logic Solutions, Litchfield, IL, is an accounting program designed to help growers provide precise information when requesting loans. It calculates true cost of production, both projected and actual.

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HCC, Inc. introduces the Orbit Reel, designed as a replacement system to the standard combine reel.

Constructed with a combination of steel and polymer, the Orbit Reel has rollers at each end of the reel that follow cam-style tracks to adjust the reel path to specific header depth and auger size. It retrofits all HCC reels built since 1990 and can be installed on-farm in just a few hours, according to the company.

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Redball's Model 570 high-clearance trailer sprayer includes a 1,200-gal. tank, 60- to 90-ft. booms and 80- to 120-in. adjustable 10-bolt axles with 320/90R46 rubber.

The sprayer's fully suspended front-fold, center-pivot boom utilizes Redball's patented rubber torsion (Henschen) suspension. Its center-pivot boom folds over the top 180Þ and forward 90Þ using a five-bank electric/hydraulic fold-control system.

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The Bestway Field-Pro III 1600 features a 1,600 gal. tank capacity and a 90-ft. boom capable of covering 870 acres in a typical 10 hour day. The sprayer offers a fully adjustable axle from 120 in. to 144 in. that accommodates narrow and non-standard row spacings.

The wings can be modified to any width down to 72-ft. Oversized radial tires with low ground pressure reduce compaction.

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White 8500 series planters feature a Central Fill System (CFS). The CFS twin 45 bu. bulk hoppers are mounted directly over the center frame of the 8500 CFS planters. Operators can visually check seed levels.

The low-profile design makes the hoppers easy to fill whether by auger or by bag. Sloping sides feed the seed to the bottom and make cleanout fast and easy. The rear platform provides a convenient working area for the operator while the railing aids auger positioning for mechanical refill.

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