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The new Spectrum 1251 air plasma cutting and gouging system from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has a 100-amp output, can sever 1.75-in. steel and has a rated cutting capacity of 1.25 in. Rated cutting capacity is the speed at which an operator achieves a smooth, steady cut at 10 in./minute (IPM) using a hand-held torch. It is Miller's most powerful plasma unit.

On thinner material, cutting speed increases. The Spectrum 1251 cuts 3/4-in. steel at 25 IPM, 5/8-in. steel at 40 IPM and 1/4-in. steel at almost 140 IPM. It also cuts stainless, aluminum, copper and any metal that conducts electricity.

In addition to cutting, the Spectrum 1251 provides superior gouging capabilities for removing old welds and preparing joints because it produces an extremely long gouging arc for hard-to-reach, heavy applications.

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The Epley Enterprise instructional seat was built to provide a safer, more secure place for an instructor or mechanic to ride along while teaching or diagnosing mechanical problems. The seats are built to fit into the 30-60 series row crop John Deere tractors and also the 71-89 series CaseIH Magnum tractors.

Both styles of seats bolt into the fender well of the tractor by drilling four holes. The Case seat has a removable backrest that allows you to use your left armrest. Each seat has a powder coated steel frame, hand-crafted seat and back cushions and a seat belt. Orders can be made by phone or e-mail.

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Skin MD Natural is a product that looks like a lotion, but acts very differently on the skin. Most lotions only attempt to artificially add moisture to the skin. Shielding lotions instead are designed to create an invisible, protective barrier that helps keep harmful chemicals out and keeps natural moisture in, letting Mother Nature provide the necessary healing to repair skin at its deepest levels. Shielding lotions bond with and protect the skin, not only adding moisture to your skin, but also stopping the loss of your natural moisture.

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Reinke Manufacturing, Inc., unveils its new series of Reinke Precision Management (RPM) Control Panels for its irrigation systems.

RPM control panels integrate the newest technology in components with an innovative approach so that controls can be tailored to each customer's unique requirements. RPM panels upgrade easily and offer many options. The RPM panels offer three levels of precision control including RPM Preferred, RPM Advanced and RPM.

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