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Corn+Soybean Digest



Krause Corp. introduces a new dry fertilizer metering system for its 5200 series grain drills in no-till and minimum-till types. The new system provides simultaneous placement of nutrients while seeding.

The new seed/fertilizer box has a 60% seed/40% fertilizer split for a total capacity of 3.2 bu./ft., and has a stainless-steel floor. The box can also be filled with 100% seed.

The metering system uses a non-corrosive meter driven by a 25-speed transmission for a wide range of fertilizer rates. Krause's precision residue opener uses a walking beam relationship of the front gauge wheel and rear press wheel to the opener. It provides depth control in minimum- and no-till conditions.

Pull-type no-till drills are available in 10-20-ft. styles; folding drills are available in 25-36-ft. lengths.

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New from Spectrum Technologies is the FieldScout SoilStik pH Meter. The new tool makes lab-accurate measurements on-the-spot with a flat surface electrode. To use, simply touch the sensor electrode directly onto a moist soil sample. The SoilStik also measures pH of irrigation water and pesticide spray solutions.

The waterproof device features automatic temperature compensation and a data hold function. The SoilStik alerts when recalibration or sensor replacement is required, and the flat electrode will not clog.

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The 2987 Magnum fertilizer coulter is new from Yetter. Allowing producers to fertilize at a faster rate and with minimal soil disturbance, the single-disk design has a lower draft requirement and takes less horsepower to operate.

The Magnum coulter is set at a 5° angle and uses a 22-in. blade. A fertilizer knife is available for an-hydrous ammonia, liquid or dry application and uses a self-adjusting, floating scraper with carbide tip.

Operating at an application depth of 4-6 in., the 2978 Magnum offers a spring-loaded, cast-closing wheel used to close and seal the slot opened by the blade and knife.

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