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The Holz Rubber Gorilla impact/slider bars are built to take stress and impact generated in the transfer area of a conveyor system. The belt contact area is manufactured from premium virgin, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) providing the lowest friction. Virgin UHMW extends the life of the bars and belt. UHMV on the bars provide a friction-free surface and does not require additional thicknesses on the bar when reclaimed material is used.

The impact/slider bars are available in 48-in. and 60-in. lengths, complete with mounting hardware — 4-bolt assemblies with the 48-in. bars and 5 bolt assemblies with the 60 in. bars.
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The Reinke Navigator is the only GPS controlled system available for the irrigation industry. The Navigator with GPS works with end guns set on end towers, swing arm corner systems and as a lateral movement guidance.

This system uses three surveyor-grade antennas and two GPS receivers to ensure precision guidance and an execution to within approximately 24 in. The Navigator transmits data over existing AC power wires, eliminating the need for extra conductors.

Changes to field perimeters can be done by entering coordinates into the GPS software. The GPS guidance tool can be used on all Reinke lateral move systems, Electrogator II systems and can be retrofitted to any existing Reinke lateral system.
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The EZTrack belt adjustment system from Brandt is designed to allow farmers an easier way to maintain their grain belt and a safer way to make belt adjustments. The EZTrack sends the belt through an envelope device before entering the S-drive and the intake, eliminating the potential for the belt to move from side to side and the need for making future tracking adjustments.

And to keep an eye on belt tension, an easy-to-read visual lets the operator see that the belt is tensioned correctly. The Brandt GrainBelt Conveyor is safer to use because there is no danger of flighting common to augers. The GrainBelt requires lower horsepower to operate, will last three to four times longer and costs less to operate than an auger, according to the company.
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Dickey-john introduces its IntelligAg virtual terminal that is compatible with most OEM tractors.

IntelligAg uses CAN-based technology to interface with seed sensors, shaft monitors and hydraulic valves to monitor and control seeding rates and fertilizer application on planters, grain drills or air carts. It's fully expandable by adding 18-row accessory modules to monitor seed flow for any number of rows. Each IntelliAg system includes a monitor and choice of control modules (planter/grain drill or air cart). Each module offers four control channels and accepts input from hopper level sensors, shaft RPM sensors, ground speed sensors, implement lift switches, air pressure sensors from the air cart and seed sensors.
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