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Raven Industries announces the release of its newest assisted steering system, the QuickTrax system. This system offers all of the same features as the standard SmarTrax steering system, such as hands-free steering, quick line acquisition and sub-meter and decimeter modes, but with an improved and simpler installation than the standard hydraulic valve system.

Utilizing an electric motor drive and attached directly to the steering wheel, the QuickTrax system provides an easy solution for almost all steering applications. Standard hand tools are all that is needed to complete an installation and mobility from one machine to another is now easy to achieve.

QuickTrax can be used as a sub-meter system when coupled with a 10 Hz (or faster) sub-meter receiver, such as the Raven Phoenix 200 GPS receiver. It can also operate in decimetric mode when coupled with a high-accuracy receiver like the Raven Phoenix 300 DGPS receiver and a Raven DGPS Enhancer.

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In a truck, combine cab or at a grain bin, farmers now have the ability to determine grain moisture and test weight with elevator-like accuracy in a hand-held analyzer. Derived from the same technology used at the elevator, DICKEY-john's new mini GAC and mini GAC plus are the first handheld units with “grain trade” accuracy.

The mini GAC, which measures moisture content, and the mini GAC plus, which measures moisture and test weight, are based on the standards of DICKEY-john's GAC2100b, the U.S. federal standard for grain trading.

Benefits of the mini GACs include a menu-driven operating system, an internal scale eliminating the need to pre-weigh grain, calibrations for more than 450 varieties of grain and products and automatic temperature compensation. The battery-powered units weigh less than 2.5 lbs. and can receive new calibrations with the ease of a USB connection.

The mini GAC will measure grain moisture between 5% and 45%. It measures grain temperature ranging from 32° to 122°F automatically, without any further preparation of the grain sample.

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