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The Yield-Pro YP40 series planter is now available with the choice of three openers and seven row-spacing options. Bulk hoppers are interchangeable between a seed company bulk box, an 82-bu. bulk hopper or 150-bu. bulk hopper. The YP40 can also pull a 1,600-gal. cart or 1,600+400-gal. cart for starter and/or high-rate fertilizer.

Standard on the new model are ten 15×16.5 skid steer tires, which exert as little as 9-11 lb./sq. in. on the soil surface. The floating hitch coupled with wing flex of 20° up and 20° down allows the YP40 to adapt to any field terrain.

Other options include unit- or frame-mounted row cleaners, unit-mounted coulters, Keeton seed firmers, Seed-Lok firming wheels, Singulator Plus meters, finger pickup meters and a hydraulic hitch.

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New from Shield Agricultural Equipment is the ST-16 HD strip-till point, specifically for 8-12-in. deep application and subsoil shattering on strip-till rigs.

The heavy-duty point is designed to work through compaction zones and flow soil around the shank to minimize landside wear and to pull easily at higher working depths. Available in 16- and 18-in. lengths, the shattering point has segmented chrome carbide shank protection.

A wide variety of tubes are available in mild steel or stainless. An optional TB-18 tube for custom placement of acid/liquid is also available.

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Pro is a new product from Farm Works Software, for use in the office to provide critical analysis tools for multi-year yield averaging (normalizing), profit/loss mapping and entering formulas for creation of prescription maps.

Multiple years can be averaged to discover consistently high- and low-yielding areas. Users can select any combination of crop/year for normalizing. Pro's profit/loss mapping creates a layer for each crop enterprise year and integrates financial information with precision maps. Costs can be manually entered for each input with Trac and Site office software.

The Trac and Site office software are required modules of Pro.

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The 1200 series Checker, from Yetter Manufacturing, is a row-unit and planter leveling system.

The setup includes a row-unit adjuster placed under the row unit. The all-steel adjuster provides a platform on which to make adjustments to each row unit and its attachments. Also included is a bevel box - a digital protractor that senses whether its resting surface is level at 180°.

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